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Globalisation Challenge for European Higher Education by Zgaga, Pavel, Teichler, Ulr... ISBN: 9783631672990
Frontiers for Social Work : A Colloquium on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the School of Social... by Weaver, William Wallace ISBN: 9780598256829 List Price: $38.80
They Broke the Prairie by Calkins, Earnest Elmo ISBN: 9780598687890 List Price: $143.30
Little House on the Peace Line : Living on the Other Side by Macaulay, Tony ISBN: 9780856409929
Mission of the University by Ortega y Gasset, Jos´┐Ż, Nost... ISBN: 9780598991737 List Price: $33.20
History of the Study of Mathematics at Cambridge by Ball, Walter William Rouse ISBN: 9780598982599 List Price: $93.00
Thoughts on the Present Collegiate System in the United States by Wayland, Francis ISBN: 9780608395678 List Price: $51.50
Online Education : Global Questions, Local Answers by Cook, Kelli Cargile, Grant-... ISBN: 9781138637863
Politics of Academic Autonomy in Latin America by Beigel, Fernanda ISBN: 9781138252035
Achieving Quality Learning in Higher Education by Nightingale, Peggy, Peggy, ... ISBN: 9781138166462
Assessment for Learning in Higher Education by Knight, Peter, Peter ISBN: 9781138163751
Learning and Assessing with Multiple Choice Questions in College Classrooms by Parkes, Jay, Zimmaro, Dawn ISBN: 9781138845985
Global Innovation of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education : Transgressing Boundaries by Layne, Prudence C., Lake, P... ISBN: 9783319382340 List Price: $129.00
Academic Work and Careers in Europe: Trends, Challenges, Perspectives by Fumasoli, Tatiana, Goastell... ISBN: 9783319348285 List Price: $129.00
Relevance of Academic Work in Comparative Perspective by Cummings, William K., Teich... ISBN: 9783319345116 List Price: $129.00
Theory and Practice of Adult and Higher Education by Wang, Victor C. X. ISBN: 9781681236025
Theory and Practice of Adult and Higher Education by Wang, Victor C. X. ISBN: 9781681236018
Blackburn College : Learn, Work, Earn by Unknown ISBN: 9781938905155
College of William and Mary : A Contribution to the History of Higher Education, with Sugges... by Adams, Herbert Baxter ISBN: 9780598624819 List Price: $31.70
University of Cambridge by Mullinger, James Bass ISBN: 9780598715883 List Price: $200.00
University of Cambridge by Mullinger, James Bass ISBN: 9780598715890 List Price: $200.00
Goose-Step : A Study of American Education by Sinclair, Upton ISBN: 9780598885616 List Price: $156.90
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