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AFL Attitudes Toward Production, 1900-1932 by McKelvey, Jean T. ISBN: 9780598590404 List Price: $49.60
Distribution and Growth after Keynes : A Post-Keynesian Guide by Hein, Eckhard ISBN: 9781783477302 List Price: $59.95
Optimization Methods for Gas and Power Markets : Theory and Cases by Fiorenzani, Stefano, Edoli,... ISBN: 9781349568154
Crisis of Keynesian Economics (Routledge Revivals) by Pilling, Geoffrey ISBN: 9781138779105
Total Value Development : How to Drive Service Innovation by Hull, Frank, Storey, Christ... ISBN: 9781783267132
Production Efficiency in Domesday England 1086 by McDonald, John ISBN: 9781138866201
Legacy of Friedrich Von Hayek by HAYEK, F A ISBN: 9780865976122 List Price: $154.00
Adam Smith and the Economy of the Passions (Routledge Studies in the History of Economics) by Keppler, Jan H., Chase, Robert ISBN: 9780415569866 List Price: $140.00
New Perspectives on Adam Smith`s Theory of Moral Sentiments by Firth, Ann, Cockfield, Geof... ISBN: 9781845424800 List Price: $100.00
Economics, Ethics And the Market Introduction And Applications by Graafland, Johan J. ISBN: 9780415407700 List Price: $150.00
Austrian Theory of Value and Capital Studies in the Life and Work of Eugen Von Bohm-Bawerk by Hennings, Klaus H., Kurz, H... ISBN: 9781858982618 List Price: $120.00
Beyond Neoclassical Economics Heterodox Approaches to Economic Theory by Foldvary, Fred E. ISBN: 9781858983950 List Price: $110.00
Essential Keynes by Keynes, John Maynard ISBN: 9781846148132 List Price: $18.00
Strategy for a Networked World by Ramirez, Rafael, Mannervik,... ISBN: 9781911299608 List Price: $45.00
Palgrave Companion to Cambridge Economics by Cord, Robert ISBN: 9781137412324
Palgrave Companion to Cambridge Economics by Cord, Robert ISBN: 9781349681877
Adam Smith by Hirst, Francis Wrigley ISBN: 9780598888501 List Price: $78.20
Beauty and Other Forms of Value by Alexander, Samuel ISBN: 9780598975058 List Price: $97.70
Monetary Theory of Production by Wray, L. R. ISBN: 9781858980546
Marx, Hayek and Keynes by Desai, Meghnad ISBN: 9781858988634
Post-Keynesian Economics (4-Vol. Set) by Peter Kriesler, Peter ISBN: 9781138906815
Efficiency Issues in Transitional Economies by Piesse, J. ISBN: 9781138312340
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