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Histologists are medical technicians who test human tissue. This specialized medical field is expected to grow at a rate of 10-20% in the following years, meaning it's full of career opportunities.The work histologists do is integral to a medical team, as their findingsare used by surgeons, doctors, and other medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients. But if you're interested in or planning to become a histology technician, it is important that you have the required education and skills needed to succeed in this field, which will require a lot of coursework and study.

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Histology and Embryology Review by Amenta, Peter S. ISBN: 9780668038317
Recent Advances in Histopathology by Anthony, Peter P., MacSween... ISBN: 9780443023866 List Price: $37.50
Histopathology by Scheuer, Paul J., Chalk, B. T. ISBN: 9780723408857
Techniques in Neurohistology by Ralis, H. A., Beesley ISBN: 9780407774001 List Price: $14.95
Textbook of Human Histology with Colour Atlas by Singh ISBN: 9788171799671 List Price: $15.00
Histology and Comparative Organology: A Text-Atlas by Banks, William J. ISBN: 9780683004090
Essentials of Histology by Bevelander, Gerrit, Ramaley... ISBN: 9780801606779
Color Atlas and Textbook of Tissue and Cellular Pathology by Sandritter, W. ISBN: 9780815175513
Atlas of Human Histology and Ultrastructure by Matthews, James Lester, Mar... ISBN: 9780812103472
Essentials of Histology by Bevelander, Gerrit, Ramaley... ISBN: 9780801606694
Essentials of Histology by Bevelander, Gerrit ISBN: 9780801606748
Lecture Notes on Histology by Beresford, William A. ISBN: 9780632002696
Color Atlas and Textbook of Histopathology by Sandritter, W., Thomas, C.,... ISBN: 9780815175520
Fine Structure of Human Cells and Tissues by Ebe, Tatsuo, Kobayashi, Shi... ISBN: 9780471229414
Terminologia Histologica International Terms for Human Cytology and Histology by Federative International Co... ISBN: 9780781775373 List Price: $59.95
Functional Histology: A Core Text by Borysenko, Myrin ISBN: 9780316103022
Textbook of Histology by Geneser, Finn ISBN: 9788716096968 List Price: $169.95
Visual Approach to Histology by Wismar, Beth L., Ackerman, ... ISBN: 9780803694804 List Price: $190.00
Basics of Histotechnology: H & E Stain by Carson, Frieda L. ISBN: 9780891893516 List Price: $50.00
Human Microscopic Anatomy: An Atlas for Students of Medicine and Biology by Krstic, Radivoj V. ISBN: 9783642081064 List Price: $279.00
Histology and comparative organology: A text-atlas by Banks, William J. ISBN: 9780898740844 List Price: $29.50
Laboratory Histopathology: A Complete Reference (2-Volume Set) by Woods, A. E., Ellis, R. C. ISBN: 9780443049125 List Price: $225.00
Histology (Medical Outline Series) by Amenta, Peter A. ISBN: 9780838537589 List Price: $40.00
Recent Advances in Histopathology: No. 13 by Anthony, Peter P., MacSween... ISBN: 9780443034886 List Price: $51.00
Histology- Student Guide to Microscopic Anatomy CD-ROM (A Hodder Arnold Publication) by Jensh, Ronald P. ISBN: 9780412151019 List Price: $49.95
Advanced Dental Histology (Dental Practitioner Handbook) by Osborne, J., Ten Cates, A. ISBN: 9780723606710 List Price: $23.50
Interactive Color Atlas of Histology CD-ROM by Gartner, Leslie P., Hiatt, ... ISBN: 9780781728867
Animal diversity: cells and tissues (Biocore) by Munger, Bryce L. ISBN: 9780070053410
Manual of Histological Techniques by Bancroft, John D., Cook, Ha... ISBN: 9780443028700 List Price: $32.00
Practical Histology: A Self-Instructional Laboratory Manual in Filmstrip by Leeson, C. Roland, Leeson, ... ISBN: 9780721698311
Cellular Pathology: As Based on Physiological and Pathological Histology by Virchow, Rudolf, Chance, Frank ISBN: 9780486226989
Color Atlas of Histology by Craigmyle, M. ISBN: 9780815118886 List Price: $42.95
Histopath Techniques by Culling ISBN: 9780407729018 List Price: $69.95
Atlas of Histology by Ross, Michael H. ISBN: 9780781728324 List Price: $45.00
Pocket Atlas of Human Histology (Oxford medical publications) by Meadows, Robert ISBN: 9780192612489 List Price: $29.50
Atlas of Histology CD-ROM - Additional CD: Additional CD may not be Purchased without Instit... by Gartner, Leslie P., Hiatt, ... ISBN: 9780781728881 List Price: $39.95
Pathology of Peripheral Nerves by Weller Et Al ISBN: 9780407000735
Histopathological Stains and Their Diagnostic Uses by Bancroft, John D., Stevens,... ISBN: 9780443012266 List Price: $23.00
High-yield Histopathology by Dudek, Ronald W. ISBN: 9780781769594 List Price: $29.95
Di Fiore's Atlas of Histology With Functional Correlations, Image Bank by Eroschenko, Victor P. ISBN: 9780781759359 List Price: $795.00
Histology: A Color Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy by Sobotta, Johannes, Hammerse... ISBN: 9780683078282 List Price: $39.95
Interactive Color Atlas of Histology: Institutional - Intranet Version by Gartner, Leslie P., Hiatt, ... ISBN: 9780781728874
Theory and Practice of Histotechnology by Sheehan, Dezna C., Hrapchak... ISBN: 9780801645723 List Price: $18.50
Introduction to Histotechnology by Brown, Geoffrey G. ISBN: 9780838543405 List Price: $29.95
Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text by Carson, Freida L. ISBN: 9780891893561 List Price: $250.00
Histopathology of Disease by Lefkowitch, Jay H. ISBN: 9780443085666 List Price: $81.95
Functional Histology by Borysenko, Myrin, Beringer,... ISBN: 9780316103046 List Price: $23.00
Histological Processing for the Neural Sciences by LaBossiere, Eileen ISBN: 9780398035167 List Price: $13.25
Bailey's Textbook of Microscopic Anatomy - Douglas E. Kelly by Kelly, Douglas E. ISBN: 9780683045680 List Price: $48.95
Basic Histology: A Review with Questions and Explanations by Warren, B. A., Jeynes, B. J. ISBN: 9780316923583 List Price: $17.50
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