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We have literally hundreds of thousands of amazing text books on this topic, all divided into separate sub-topics for your convenience. You can buy business and economics textbooks online from today onwards, now you have found our affordable collection. Look out for books such as Fundamentals of Human Resource Management; Global Business Today; Principles of Marketing; and Essentials of Investments. With plenty of sub-topics to dip into, such as economic history and corporate finance, there is no easier way to buy used business and economics textbooks whenever you need them. Remember you also have the opportunity to sell your business and economics books back if you so desire. Here at Valore Books we offer everything you could want for college. When you discover how easy it is to locate and buy these books, not to mention have them delivered to your door, you can see why so many students buy from us.

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How Mobile Is the Footloose Industry? : The Case of the Notebook PC Industry in China by Chen, Tain-Jy, Ku, Ying-Hua ISBN: 9780866382410 List Price: $10.00
Behind the Wheel : Driving Excellence in Staffing Operations by Cleland, Mike, Daneker, Bon... ISBN: 9781939753021 List Price: $19.95
Financial Sanity : In Three Easy Lessons by, Simps... ISBN: 9780989901611 List Price: $19.95
Little Rock by Unknown ISBN: 9781614892748 List Price: $20.00
Capturing Contemporary Japan : Differentiation and Uncertainty by Kawano, Satsuki, Roberts, G... ISBN: 9780824838690
Internal Control over Governmental Financial Reporting by Bisk Education ISBN: 9780881281484 List Price: $109.00
Lubbock by Unknown ISBN: 9781614892755 List Price: $20.00
Bank Stock Prices and the Bank Capital Problem by Durand, David ISBN: 9780598799890 List Price: $30.00
Minnesota Life Insurance Licensing Course by Smith, James J. ISBN: 9781877723223 List Price: $35.00
Africa Review by Axon, Tony ISBN: 9780749410711
Banking : A Dynamic Business by Wright, Don ISBN: 9780835903806 List Price: $44.95
Analysis of Working Capital Decisions by McCarty, Daniel E., Osteryo... ISBN: 9780318576985
Vegetable Production and Marketing in Asia and the Pacific by Unknown ISBN: 9789283320791 List Price: $15.00
Story of Teapot Dome by Ravage, M. E. ISBN: 9780598991157 List Price: $63.00
Security Investigator's Handbook by Fuqua, Paul, Wilson, Jerry ISBN: 9780872013988 List Price: $19.00
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