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From general topics to books about meetings and presentations, it certainly bears fruit to read about various aspects of business and communication. You can buy cheap business communication textbooks from our collection today and secure some of the most affordable deals you have ever seen. Among our collection of thousands of titles you can find Strategies for Technical Communication; Presenting to Win; Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences; and The Knowledge Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation. We have dozens of discounted books available for you to rent as well, which means you will always be in for a good deal. You can sell your business communication books back once they have served their purpose, and buy or rent more of them too. Our purpose here at Valore Books is always to make sure you have easy access to pre-owned books that will help you at college.

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Jossey-Bass Academic Administrator's Guide to Meetings by Chan, Janis Fisher ISBN: 9780787964320 List Price: $29.00
Business Communication Essentials by Bovée, Courtland L., Thill,... ISBN: 9780131995369
Improving Business Communication Skills by Roebuck, Deborah Britt, McK... ISBN: 9780131184596 List Price: $79.60
Presentation Basics by Rosania, Robert J. ISBN: 9781562863470 List Price: $29.95
Business Communication by Flatley, Marie Elizabeth, R... ISBN: 9780073377810 List Price: $69.60
BCOM by Lehman, Carol M., DuFrene, ... ISBN: 9781111527778 List Price: $59.95
Business Communication by Harvard Business Essentials... ISBN: 9781591391135 List Price: $19.95
Big Book of Presentation Games Wake-Em-Up Tricks, Icebreakers, & Other Fun Stuff by Newstrom, John W., Scannell... ISBN: 9780070465015 List Price: $21.95
Business Communication by Featheringham, Richard D., ... ISBN: 9780757546907 List Price: $70.83
Communicating in Business in the 21st Century by Insley, Robert ISBN: 9781465201652 List Price: $72.95
Exceptional Presenter A Proven Formula to Open Up and Own the Room by Koegel, Timothy J. ISBN: 9781929774449 List Price: $21.95
Slide: ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations by Duarte, Nancy ISBN: 9780596522346 List Price: $34.99
Excellence in Business Communication by Thill, John V., Bovee, Cour... ISBN: 9780136157502 List Price: $144.33
The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing by Canavor, Natalie, Meirowitz... ISBN: 9780137153152 List Price: $18.99
In The Line Of Fire How To Handle Tough Questions ...When It Counts by Weissman, Jerry S. ISBN: 9780131855175 List Price: $24.95
Making Sense of the Organization by Weick, Karl E. ISBN: 9780631223191 List Price: $65.95
Presenting to Win by Weissman, Jerry ISBN: 9780137144174 List Price: $26.99
Writing That Works How to Communicate Effectively in Business by Roman, Kenneth, Raphaelson,... ISBN: 9780060956431 List Price: $14.99
Running Meetings Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges by Harvard Business School Pre... ISBN: 9781422101858 List Price: $9.95
Project Meeting Facilitator How Project Managers and Quality Professionals Can Use Facilitat... by Adams, Tammy, Means, Jan, S... ISBN: 9780787987060 List Price: $56.00
Auditing Organizational Communication: A Handbook of Research, Theory and Practice by Tourish, Dennis, Hargie, Ow... ISBN: 9780415414463 List Price: $49.95
How to Wow: Proven Strategies for Selling Your [Brilliant] Self in Any Situation by Jones, Frances Cole ISBN: 9780345501790 List Price: $15.00
35 Dumb Things Well-Intended People Say by Cullen, Maura ISBN: 9781600374913 List Price: $14.95
Integrated Business Communication In a Global Marketplace by Stuart, Bonnye E., Stuart, ... ISBN: 9780470027677 List Price: $97.95
Communication Counts: Business Presentations for Busy People by Civiello, Mary, Matthews, A... ISBN: 9780470178942 List Price: $21.95
5 Steps to Professional Presence How to Project Confidence, Competence, and Credibility at Work by Bixler, Susan, Dugan, Lisa ... ISBN: 9781580624428 List Price: $14.95
The Nonverbal Advantage by Goman, Carol Kinsey ISBN: 9781576754924 List Price: $19.95
Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity by MacLeod, Hugh ISBN: 9781591842590 List Price: $23.95
New Perspectives: Portfolio Projects Business Communication by Cram, Carol M. ISBN: 9781439037461 List Price: $71.95
How to Prepare, Stage, and Deliver Winning Presentations by Leech, Thomas ISBN: 9780814472316 List Price: $24.95
Coping With Toxic Managers, Subordinates And Other Difficult People by Lubit, Roy H. ISBN: 9780131409958 List Price: $19.95
Superior Customer Service How to Keep Customers Racing Back to Your Business - Time-Tested E... by Blacharski, Dan W., Starche... ISBN: 9780910627528 List Price: $19.95
How to Make Meetings Work The New Interaction Method by Doyle, Michael ISBN: 9780425138700 List Price: $15.00
The Articulate Executive: Learn to Look Act and Sound Like a Leader 2/E by Toogood, Granville ISBN: 9780071743266 List Price: $21.95
Congo Square : African Roots in New Orleans by Evans, Freddi Williams ISBN: 9781935754039 List Price: $20.00
Plain English at Work A Guide to Writing and Speaking by Bailey, Edward P. ISBN: 9780195104493 List Price: $55.00
You'Ve Got to Be Believed to Be Heard by Decker, Bert ISBN: 9780312099497 List Price: $15.95
Merriam-Webster's Guide to International Business Communications by Merriam-Webster, Inc. Staff... ISBN: 9780877796084 List Price: $22.95
And Your Point Is? by Jefferys, J. Douglas ISBN: 9781412092418 List Price: $21.95
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