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Raven R

My order was cancelled by the seller and I was never contacted. I was waiting for my books, checked the tracking, only to see it was cancelled without contacting me.

Clifford C

Good seller

tara r
Astacia L

My book arrived really fast and in excellent condition. I will be using this site and seller over and over again! So happy!!

Melissa K

Arrived on time, good condition - thanks!

Stephanie W

This seller was good but the one before that cancelled my order without notice and without reason and that pushback receiving my order by another 2 to 3 days which made me almost too late for my class

coleen i

Great savings! Excellent service.

Miguel T

I was pleased to receive a book in great condition. And as promised the international content is the same as the U.S. version's content. Please keep providing your service, it's great for us academics

Pavel L

The book arrived fast, exactly what I needed. Thanks

Davika S
Melissa T

Book was in great condition

Lucia Z

Awesome. Thanks valore you saved me money from those money-hungry textbook sellers who come out with same, but new editions every year, screw them!

Aurea J
Joan H

The book took a long time to arrive. Also, when I received the book, it was bent up and wrinkled, presumably due to the packaging. Since the textbook was cheap, it negates all that, hence the rating.

Jason M

Fast shipping!!!

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