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Have you ever thought about photography in a historical sense? If not you're in for a treat as you look through just some of the many titles we have for you here. Rent used history textbooks on the world of photography now and discover more about how it has developed through the years. Look for Photography: A Cultural History; Seizing the Light; World History of Photography; and Photography: 1900 to the Present. You'll notice we have purchase prices for many of these books as well as rental prices, so you can get the best deals depending on how long you'd like to keep the book for. Even if you elect to buy a book you can sell your history books back at any stage and earn money when you do. With Valore Books and our range of great services, it is simple work to find the best textbook deals for your college years.

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Seizing the Light by Hirsch, Robert ISBN: 9780073379210 List Price: $114.38
Pioneers of Soviet Photography by Shudakov, M. ISBN: 9780785544234
Photography A Cultural History by Marien, Mary Warner ISBN: 9780132219068 List Price: $111.80
Photography 1900 To the Present by Hulick, Diana E., Marshall,... ISBN: 9780132540957 List Price: $82.20
Meaning of Photography by Kelsey, Robin, Stimson, Blake ISBN: 9780300121506 List Price: $24.95
Criticizing Photographs An Introduction to Understanding Images by Barrett, Terry ISBN: 9780767411868 List Price: $41.90
The Burden of Representation: Essays on Photographies and Histories by John Tagg ISBN: 9780870236259 List Price: $14.95
Photography, a Handbook of History, Materials, and Processes by Swedlund, Charles ISBN: 9780030566998 List Price: $68.00
A History of Photography by Jean-Claude Lemagny, Andre ... ISBN: 9780521344074 List Price: $60.00
Early Soviet Photographs by Razkova, S., Remesh, T. ISBN: 9780785544241
History of Photography An Overview by Davenport, Alma ISBN: 9780826320766 List Price: $29.95
Snapshot America Discovers the Camera by Czech, Kenneth P. ISBN: 9780822517368 List Price: $29.27
World History of Photography by Rosenblum, Naomi ISBN: 9781558590557 List Price: $40.00
British Photography in the 19th Century: The Fine Art Tradition by Weaver, Mike ISBN: 9780521341196 List Price: $80.00
Art of Photography 1839-1989 by Weaver, Mike ISBN: 9780300044560 List Price: $40.00
Latent Image: The Discovery of Photography by Newhall, Beaumont ISBN: 9780826306739 List Price: $10.95
Photographic Experience 1839-1914 Images and Attitudes by Henisch, Heinz K., Henisch,... ISBN: 9780271009308 List Price: $147.95
Paper Negative by Lyon, Danny ISBN: 9780962099212 List Price: $20.00
American Women Photographers A Selected and Annotated Bibliography by Kreisel, Martha ISBN: 9780313304781 List Price: $119.95
Burden of Representation: by Tagg, John ISBN: 9780870236266 List Price: $13.95
Bertel Thorvaldsen A Daguerreotype Portrait From 1840 by Berner, Marie Louise ISBN: 9788772899114 List Price: $36.00
American Daguerreotypes from the Matthew R. Isenburg Collection by Field, Richard S., Frank, R... ISBN: 9780894670534 List Price: $35.00
History of Photography: 2 Centuries of Shadow Catcher by Folts, James A., Zwahlen, F... ISBN: 9780827364578
Guide to Early Photographic Processes by Coe, Brian, Hawarth-Booth, ... ISBN: 9780903696234
History of the Discovery of Photography by Potonniee, Georges ISBN: 9780598721198 List Price: $87.50
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