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We all think of what it will be like to age. It comes to all of us eventually to some extent, although some live longer than others. The law has provisions in place to protect the elderly, which is why it makes sense to buy cheap elder law textbooks if you want to learn more about this. Maybe you have an elderly relative you want to look after, or you're studying this particular area of concern at college. Whatever the case may be you can buy used elder law textbooks from us today and look into the many facets of this subject. Our book collection includes Law and Aging: Essentials of Elder Law; Aging and Public Policy: Social Control or Social Justice?; Ageism: Prejudice and Discrimination Against the Elderly; and Age Discrimination: The New Law. Learn more about this part of the law today with our help, and remember we have a buyback service as well.

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Elder Law by Gallo, Nancy R. ISBN: 9781401842574 List Price: $58.95
Rights of the Elderly by Pampel, Fred C. ISBN: 9780816071968 List Price: $45.00
Legal and Healthcare Ethics for the Elderly by Smith, George P., II ISBN: 9781560324539 List Price: $42.50
Elderly Clients A Precedent Manual by Clarke, Helen, Lush, Denzil ISBN: 9780853086031 List Price: $120.00
Law and Aging Essentials of Elder Law by Schwartz, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780929563381 List Price: $37.33
Public Policy Opinion and the Elderly, 1952 1978 A Kaleidoscope of Culture by Tropman, John E. ISBN: 9780313254321 List Price: $99.95
Elder Law In a Nutshell by Frolik, Lawrence A., Kaplan... ISBN: 9780314064141 List Price: $18.50
Elder Law Handbook: A Legal and Financial Survival Guide for Caregivers and Seniors by Strauss, Peter J., Lederman... ISBN: 9780816034109 List Price: $14.95
Police and the Elderly by Goldstein, Arnold P., Hoyer... ISBN: 9780205143528 List Price: $42.95
Legal and Healthcare Ethics for the Elderly by Smith, George P., II ISBN: 9781560324522 List Price: $99.50
Ageism: Prejudice and Discrimination against the Elderly by Levin, Jack, Levin, William C. ISBN: 9780534008819
Law & the Elderly in North Carolina by McCann, Michael J., Thomas,... ISBN: 9781560112020 List Price: $25.00
Politics of Aging Power and Policy by Williamson, John B., Powell... ISBN: 9780398046088 List Price: $46.50
Age Discrimination The New Law by Cheetham, S. ISBN: 9781846610264 List Price: $70.00
Politics of Aging : Power and Policy by Williamson, John B., Powell... ISBN: 9780398046095 List Price: $19.50
State Legislative Issues Concerning the Elderly, 1986-1990 A Survey by Sacarto, Douglas M. ISBN: 9781555169459 List Price: $10.00
Law and Vulnerable Elderly People by Greengross, Sally ISBN: 9780862420505
Police and the Elderly by Goldstein, Arnold P. ISBN: 9780205143511 List Price: $21.95
Age Discrimination in Employment Act A Compliance and Litigation Manual for Lawyers and Pers... by Blumrosen, Alfred W., Couls... ISBN: 9780937856048 List Price: $19.95
Law and Elderly People by Grimes, Richard ISBN: 9780415005173 List Price: $67.00
Law and the Elderly in North Carolina by Strickland, Lucy, Thomas, M... ISBN: 9781560110927 List Price: $7.00
Age : The Unrecognised Discrimination by McEwen, Evelyn ISBN: 9780862420949
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