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Can you tell one plant from another? Are you able to figure out whether it's a plant or a weed? Many people can't, but if you are one of them you can at least buy cheap shrubs textbooks from us to help you get better at it. Look for a variety of books including Color Atlas of Flowering Trees and Shrubs; Principles and Practice of Planting Trees and Shrubs; Trees and Shrubs of New England, and many other more specific titles as well. If you want to sell your shrubs books back at any stage you can use our buyback service to do just that. Many people do this and then look for more pre-owned and discounted books to replace them with. When you get the cheapest deals on these books you will be able to buy more of them or rent used shrubs textbooks instead. Whatever you need, Valore Books will have it.

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Colour Atlas of Flowering Trees and Shrubs by Vera Csapody, I. Toth ISBN: 9789630527835
Trees and Shrubs of New England by Marilyn J. Dwelley ISBN: 9780892720644 List Price: $14.95
Fungi on Rhododendron: A World Reference by David F. Farr, H. Bartolome... ISBN: 9781887905008 List Price: $45.00
Principles and Practice of Planting Trees and Shrubs by Watson, Gary W., Himelick, ... ISBN: 9781881956181 List Price: $40.00
Rhododendrum of Sikkim Himalaya by Hooker, J. D. ISBN: 9780785560104
Shrubland Ecosystem Dynamics in a Changing Environment : Proceedings (1995) by Barrow, Jerry R. ISBN: 9780788185281 List Price: $35.00
Malpighiaceae of India by Srivastava, R. C. ISBN: 9788171360116
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