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We need your feedback!!

Feb 14 2008 at 11:23 am by

Another successful textbook selling season has come and gone.  Now, we need to hear from you!!  Contact us with your suggestions, questions and feedback.  Here are a few questions that will get you started:

  1. What sellers did you have a positive experience with?
  2. What sellers did you have a negative experience with?
  3. What can be improved on our site?
  4. What can be improved with our service?
  5. Did you experience any errors with our website?
  6. Do you have any issues that still need to be resolved?

If you still have any issues at all, or would like to give us any feedback, please let us know!  All purchases on our site are backed the Valore Guarantee . We are dedicated to our book sellers’ success and our customers’ satisfaction.  We will work with you to resolve any issues you may have.

Let us know!  All you have to do is Contact Us to share your thoughts!

Valore Guarantee


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  1. When I was looking for a place to buy my college textbooks I found that had the lowest prices. But, I still wanted to be sure that they were reliable because I have had some bad experiences with ebay in the past. I checked their reviews on epinions and they had better ratings than any other textbook company out there. Here’s the link to their epinions page:

    They have a satisfaction guarantee, which is great. Here is the link to that:

    They are also a verified Verisign member, which means that all their transactions are processed securely, basically when you input your information it’s sent in an encrypted fashion. Here’s the Verisign link:

    I purchased my all my college textbooks from them for less than half the price I would have paid at my campus bookstore and I have noticed that they will buyback my books too. Has anyone had any experience with their sell textbooks part of the website?

  2. You web site is great!!