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The 5 Posters On Every College Guy’s Wall

Jul 19 2012 at 11:48 am by

We all know the feeling: you arrive at campus, walk into your dorm room and say, “Wow, this room needs some character.” Obviously, your first inclination is to throw up some posters, in order to make it all feel a little more college-friendly. The problem? Almost every guy has the same exact posters. In fact, here are the most common, starting with number five:

5. Animal House

You’re a guy at college, so of course you have to have a poster of another guy at college wearing a sweater that says—you guessed it—“College.” Makes perfect sense.

Animal House

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4. Bob Marley

Paying homage to the king of reggae is a must for any college guy, right?  After all, Mr. Marley has countless hits that have a life of their own, booming out of speakers – even today. He’s also kind of famous for his, well, favorite plant. Without a doubt, the combination of his music and his green make him an icon for the average college guy.

Bob Marley

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3. A really hot, half-naked girl.

Instead of staring off into space, stare into the lovely eyes of this girl in your poster, a.k.a. the girl of your dreams. Besides, you know one thing for certain: she’ll always be there when you have a bad day.

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2. A Fight Club movie poster. Or, alternatively, The Boondock Saints.

If you haven’t seen both of these movies, you must be trapped under a mountain of textbooks. Both flicks are intense, full of fisticuffs, gun-toting, and tough guys. Oh, and a ton of blood and violence—essentials for any movie poster that’s going up on your dorm room wall. Plus, almost everyone has seen them, so they’re a common conversation starter.

Fight Club

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The Boondocks Saints

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1. Periodic table of beers, mixed drinks, or shots.

A guy has to let people know he’s serious about partying, as well as drinking. And what better way to do that than to have a scientific poster demonstrating just that? And let’s be serious, you’re probably more likely to remember the drinking version of the periodic table rather than that elements one. Einsteinium is a real element?

Periodic Table of Beers

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Honorable mentions:

Muhammad Ali

Muhammed Ali

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Michael Jordan

michael jordan dunking

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Entourage and  Dark Knight

Sorry kids, on these ones copyrights mean you’ll just have to picture these ones in your imagination.


And last but not least, and old favorite that not all guys are going to have on their wall, but since it’s been popular for so long, we had to include it…

Che Guevara

Los caminos tortuosos del Che: I Mito despegado


So tell us, how many did we get right?

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