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Bryan S

Never received the book they marked as shipped. Had to ask for a refund. Do not recommend.

Jarret C
John S

I still have not received the book or a response from the seller. I even paid expedited shipping.

Samantha W

I mistakenly ordered the wrong book (I received the international version when I wanted the regular one), but it was listed with the wrong ISBN in the first place by the seller. Wasn't reimbursed.

Rachel L
Stephanie S

Book came in great shape & quickly!! I was very satisfied with my purchase!

Tanner W

The book I ordered never arrived and only after emailing gdsbooks four times, did they respond to tell me the book was not in stock. Only after a fifth email did they refund my order.

Garrett M

Great condition, and fast shipping

Jessica A

Seller never sent the item and failed to respond to any of my sent messages. Thankful for the amazing customer support team at Valorebooks who gave prompt attention to my dissatisfaction!

Brittany A

When I received my book the front cover was damaged. I contacted the seller and they apologized but only offered me to return the book or $15 off because they did not have another copy.

Madison S

I do not know when my book is due and where to get the return label???

jacquelyn a

Thanks for my refund.

Jack S

My package was lost and the book was delivered in less than ideal condition. :(

Katy F

Great condition exactly as described!

Irene C

I received the wrong tracking number, but the book eventually arrived in perfect condition! Thanks!

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