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Brittany A

When I received my book the front cover was damaged. I contacted the seller and they apologized but only offered me to return the book or $15 off because they did not have another copy.

Madison S

I do not know when my book is due and where to get the return label???

jacquelyn a

Thanks for my refund.

Jack S

My package was lost and the book was delivered in less than ideal condition. :(

Katy F

Great condition exactly as described!

Irene C

I received the wrong tracking number, but the book eventually arrived in perfect condition! Thanks!

Venessa C

Book in Excellent condition-appears new. Fast Shipping. Thank you!

Lisa C

Prompt service

Sean M

Again - I never received this textbook and demand a refund! I was told the next day that they apologize but they were out of inventory and could not complete the order! Please respond

Labrittney B

The book looks great and I use it very often.

Robert D

Quick delivery

Teresa C
Laurie S

I do not want an international edition. Please cancel

Tim A

I ordered a book and paid extra in order for a speedy delivery. I can understand 2-5 business days but it has been 11 days...Can't say I am happy about that at all.Need that for a class.

Derek G

The book that I received was the correct edition, but I was not informed that it was marked for sale only outside the United States. Many of the values in the problems were different because of this.

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