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True crime expands into many areas and it has produced many an impressive book over the years. Now you can buy cheap general murder textbooks on this area, to help you understand the nature of crime and the people who perpetrate it. You can read the likes of Murder American Style; The Will to Kill: Making Sense of Senseless Murder; Ethics of Killing: Problems at the Margins of Life, and Walk Towards the Gallows: The Tragedy of Hilda Blake, Hanged 1899. There are many other fascinating books here as well, so you can buy used general murder textbooks and save a fortune on the normal prices. Look for discounted deals on every page and find out more about how crime is committed and who commits it. With so much to read and delve into, you will understand more about this general area of crime than ever before. Try Valore Books and buy from our marketplace now.

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Practice to Deceive by Rule, Ann ISBN: 9781416544630
Babes in the Woods Murders by Cheston, Paul ISBN: 9781789460766
Mr Atherstone Leaves the Stage : The Battersea Murder Mystery by Whittington-Egan, Richard ISBN: 9781445645445
True Crime Diary by Bland, James ISBN: 9780751503388
Victorian Murders by Bondeson, Jan ISBN: 9781445694436
Ring of Death : The Mystery of the Fallen Scot Young by Bowers, Gordon ISBN: 9781784186029
Capitol Murder or Capital Mayhem? by Miller, Caroline R. ISBN: 9781941083017
Notorious Crimes by Gribble, Leonard ISBN: 9780709020677
Masking Evil : When Good Men and Women Turn Criminal by Davis, Carol Anne ISBN: 9781849538831
Murder Without Motive : The Killing of Rebecca Ryle A by McKenzie-Murray, Martin ISBN: 9781925321357
Nikitta : A Mother's Story - The Tragic True Story of My Daughter's Murder by Grender, Marcia, McKelvie, ... ISBN: 9781784189839
Murder at the Star - Who Killed Thomas Thomas? by Adams, Steve ISBN: 9781781722558
Evil That Men Do by Lloyd, Georgina ISBN: 9780709035305
New Jersey's Front Page Murders : From Hall-Mills to Lamonaco by Tomlinson, Gerald ISBN: 9780917125041
More Murders of the Black Museum by Gordon, Honeycomb ISBN: 9781782199045
Motive to Murder : Twenty-One Killing Tales by Lloyd, Georgina ISBN: 9780709032700
Practice to Deceive by Rule, Ann ISBN: 9781982137953
Shark Arm : A Shark, a Tattooed Arm and Two Unsolved Murders by Roope, Phillip, Meagher, Kevin ISBN: 9781760875985
Practice to Deceive by Rule, Ann ISBN: 9781982153052
Don't Look Behind You : Ann Rule's Crime Files #15 by Rule, Ann ISBN: 9781982137960
But I Trusted You : Ann Rule's Crime Files #14 by Rule, Ann ISBN: 9781982178673
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