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New Eurasia A Guide to the Republics of the Former Soviet Union by Twining, David T. ISBN: 9780275944315 List Price: $29.95
Geography of the USSR by Lydolph, Paul E. ISBN: 9780962493300 List Price: $37.50
Another Russia Through the Eyes of the New Soviet Photographers by Mrazkova, Daniela, Remes, V... ISBN: 9780816015535 List Price: $35.00
Petrov-Vodkin, Kuz'Ma by Rusakov, Iu ISBN: 9780785545163
Russian for Tourists by Kostomarov, V. G., Leontyev... ISBN: 9780569092883
Frunze, A Guide by Prokhorov, B. ISBN: 9780785552048
Tblisi : A Guide by Khutsishvili, G. ISBN: 9780785551799
Pavlovsk : A Guide by Belanina, V. ISBN: 9780785551904
Petrodvorets Palaces and Parks : A Guide by Znamenov, Vadim ISBN: 9780785551898
Petrozavodsk and Kizhi : A Guide by Frolov, A. ISBN: 9780785551881
Complete Guide to the Soviet Union : New York St. Martin's Press, 1980 by Louis, V., Louis, J. ISBN: 9780785540311 List Price: $115.00
Brest Fortress : A Guide by Kudryashov, M. ISBN: 9780785540328
Zaporozhye : A Guide by Klimenko, N. ISBN: 9780785551751
Soviet Union Today: An Interpretive Guide - James Cracraft - Paperback by Cracraft, James ISBN: 9780226038759 List Price: $9.95
One Nation Becomes Many: The Access Guide to the Former Soviet Union by Young, Stephen W., Bee, Ron... ISBN: 9781878597076 List Price: $17.95
Big Red Train Ride by Newby, Eric ISBN: 9780708914342
Brest, Minsk, Smolensk, Moscow : Moscow Progress, 1982 by Collet's Holdings, Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780685323816 List Price: $40.00
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