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Transit Talk New York's Bus and Subway Workers Tell Their Stories by Snyder, Robert W., Hamill, ... ISBN: 9780813525778 List Price: $19.95
Cut-and-Cover Metro Structures: Geo-Structural Design - An Integrated Approach by Kaul, Krishan ISBN: 9780415469074 List Price: $210.00
Under the Sidewalks of New York by Cudahy, Brian J., Cudahy, B... ISBN: 9780823216192 List Price: $19.95
Buses on the Continent, Eighteen Ninety-Six to Nineteen Seventy-Six by Kuipers, J. F. ISBN: 9780853612131 List Price: $39.00
London "General" Motor Buses by Brewster, D. E. ISBN: 9780853613053
Motor Buses in Wales, 1898-1932 by Brewster, D. E. ISBN: 9780785533672 List Price: $50.00
System-Specific Spare Bus Ratios Update by Minkoff, Martin C., Martin,... ISBN: 9780309271196
British Trolleybuses, 1911-1972 by Lumb, Geoff ISBN: 9780711023475 List Price: $35.95
School Bus Emergencies by Primedia Intertec Staff ISBN: 9781401893194 List Price: $155.95
From S.M.T. to Eastern Scottish An 80th Anniversary Story by Hunter, D. L. ISBN: 9780859761598 List Price: $19.95
Competition Ownership of Bus and Coach Services by Hensher, David A. ISBN: 9782881247965
British Buses in Colour by Booth, Gavin ISBN: 9781445694597
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