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History of Medieval Canon Law in the Classical Period, 1140-1234 From Gratian to the Decreta... by Hartmann, Wilfried, Penning... ISBN: 9780813214917 List Price: $64.95
Common Justice : The Legal Allegiances of Christians and Jews under Early Islam by Simonsohn, Uriel I. ISBN: 9780812243499 List Price: $79.95
Principles of Canon Law by Box, Hubert S., Mortimer, R... ISBN: 9780313252044
"Quid Ius" Nella Realt� Umana e Nella Chiesa by Gakowski, Tomasz ISBN: 9788876527135
Teaching of Church-state Relations in European Universities/ L'enseignement Du Droit Ecclesi... by European Consortium for Chu... ISBN: 9789042916104 List Price: $43.00
Legal Position of Churches and Church Autonomy by Warnink, Hildegard ISBN: 9789042910843
Canon Law, Consultation, and Consolation: Monsignor W. Onclin Chair, 2003 by Katholieke Universiteit te ... ISBN: 9789042912946
Zeger-Bernard Van Espen at the Crossroads of Canon Law, History, Theology, and Church-State ... by Espen, Zeger Bernard van, C... ISBN: 9789042913707 List Price: $66.00
Many Cultures, Many Faces: W. Onclin Chair 2002 : W. Onclin Chair 2002 by Torfs, R., Tretera, J. R. ISBN: 9789042911246
Medieval Canon Law by Brundage, James A. ISBN: 9780582093560 List Price: $49.00
History of Courts and Procedure in Medieval Canon Law by Hartmann, Wilfried, Penning... ISBN: 9780813229041 List Price: $75.00
Ehetrennung und Monastische Konversion Im Hochmittelalter by Birkmeyer, Regine ISBN: 9783050032641
Church Administration, Finance, and Law (An Independent-study Textbook) by Unknown ISBN: 9780761709497 List Price: $35.00
The Theology of Canon Law: A Methodological Question by Corecco, Eugenio ISBN: 9780820702384 List Price: $21.50
Precept and Example by Unknown ISBN: 9780808724636 List Price: $21.80
Eastern Canon Law : Bibliography by Faris, John D., Soule, Warr... ISBN: 9780962872754
Femme Et l'Enfant dans le Droit Canonique Medieval by Metz, Rene ISBN: 9780860781707
Het huwelijk kerkelijk en Werkelijk by Warnink, H., Kennes, W. ISBN: 9789068316407
Recht und Verfassung Im Übergang Vom Mittelalter Zur Neuzeit by Boockmann, Hartmut, Kommiss... ISBN: 9783525825006
Manual of the Law Specially Affecting Catholics by Lilly, William Samuel, Wall... ISBN: 9781561696246 List Price: $98.00
Cannon Law : History, Sources, and a Proposed Classification Scheme by Gorecki, Danuta M., Wajenbe... ISBN: 9780318579863
Mariage en Droit Canonique by Esmein, Adhemar, Genestal, ... ISBN: 9780598634900 List Price: $151.30
Mariage en Droit Canonique by Esmein, Adhemar, Genestal, ... ISBN: 9780598634917 List Price: $160.60
Gesammelte Schriften by Campenhausen, Axel, Christo... ISBN: 9783161461958
Abhandlungen Zum Kirchenrecht und Staatskirchenrecht by Maurer, Hartmut ISBN: 9783161468797
Incardination and Excardination of Seculars; 1941 by McBride, James Thomas ISBN: 9780813223346 List Price: $50.00
Ecclesiastical Pensions by Gass, Sylvester Francis ISBN: 9780813223469 List Price: $50.00
Probative Value of Documents in Ecclesiastical Trials by Willett, Robert A. ISBN: 9780813223605 List Price: $50.00
Bradley's Logic by Manser, Anthony R. ISBN: 9780389203797 List Price: $29.95
Medieval Canon Law by Brundage, James A. ISBN: 9780582093577 List Price: $58.25
Treatise on Laws/ordinary Gloss by Gratian, Gordley, James, Th... ISBN: 9780813207858 List Price: $24.95
Collection in 74 Titles Canon Law Manual of the Gregorian Reform by Gilchrist, John, Gilchrist, J. ISBN: 9780888442710 List Price: $29.95
Church Guide to Employment Law by Bloss, Julie L. ISBN: 9781880562055 List Price: $12.95
Church under the Law by Marchant, R. A. ISBN: 9780521074605 List Price: $39.00
Medieval Canon Law : Teaching, Literature and Transmission by Owen, Dorothy M. ISBN: 9780521393133 List Price: $59.95
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