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From war crimes to tribunals and the law and how it relates to wartime situations - there is lots to learn when you are taking a military related college or university course. Fortunately, we can help; we have plenty of sought- after titles for military text books, making it easy to get the support you need to pass your course. Buy the cheapest military textbooks now when you need them most, and then sell your military books back to us once you have finished with them. Our website specializes in finding the titles you want when you need them the most. Our buyback service also ensures we can add popular titles when they are sold to us, so we can make them available to you in a pre-owned condition. Look through our military textbooks now for the titles you need. From humanitarian law to the use of force, you'll find your ideal titles in our well stocked marketplace.

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Stay the Hand of Vengeance The Politics of War Crimes Tribunals by Bass, Gary Jonathan ISBN: 9780691092782 List Price: $31.95
Law of Nations: Or Principles of the Law of Nature Applied to the Conduct of Nations and Sov... by Vattel, Emmeich de, Hochstr... ISBN: 9780865974517 List Price: $14.50
Law at War: The Law As It Was and the Law As It Should Be by Engdahl, Ola, Wrange, Pål, ... ISBN: 9789004170162
Law of Nations by Hochstrasser, T. J., Vattel... ISBN: 9780865974500 List Price: $24.00
Of War and Law by Kennedy, David ISBN: 9780691128641 List Price: $18.95
International Law and the Use of Force by National Liberation Movements by Wilson, Heather A. ISBN: 9780198256625 List Price: $99.00
Law of Naval Warfare A Collection of Agreements and Documents With Commentaries by Ronzitti, Natalino ISBN: 9789024736522 List Price: $304.50
Does Conquest Pay? The Exploitation of Occupied Industrial Societies by Liberman, Peter ISBN: 9780691029863 List Price: $65.00
Handbook of the International Law of Military Operations by Gill, Terry D., Fleck, Dieter ISBN: 9780198813644 List Price: $49.95
Protection of Civilians in International Law by Weller, Marc, Willmot, Haid... ISBN: 9780198729266 List Price: $120.00
War Powers Resolution : Provisions, Practice, and Proposals by Baldwin, Stanley E. ISBN: 9781634852661 List Price: $145.00
Law of War by Detter, Ingrid, Greenwood, ... ISBN: 9780521787758 List Price: $63.00
Handbook of Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts by Fleck, Dieter, Bothe, Micha... ISBN: 9780198298670 List Price: $95.00
Military Law in India by Sharma, O. P. ISBN: 9780897712972 List Price: $100.00
Military Justice and the Constitution by Bush, Jonathan ISBN: 9780815326694 List Price: $225.00
Tolley's Schedule D by Smailes, David, Saunders, G... ISBN: 9780854599127
Study and Practice of Military Law by Sharma, G. K. ISBN: 9780785536741 List Price: $250.00
Military Law at a Glance : Handbook for Army Promotion Exams, 1989 by Jain, B. S. ISBN: 9780785547570 List Price: $60.00
Manual for Courts - Martial by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9781422302057 List Price: $95.00
Junior Officer's Guide to the Law of Armed Conflict by USNA Speaks Staff ISBN: 9780840359797 List Price: $4.73
Law of Armed Conflict Note Taking Guide by USNA Speaks Staff ISBN: 9780840367204 List Price: $2.18
Shaping Us Military Law : Governing a Constitutional Military by Kastenberg, Joshua E. ISBN: 9781472419118 List Price: $109.95
Shaping Us Military Law : Governing a Constitutional Military by Kastenberg, Joshua E. ISBN: 9781472419125 List Price: $109.95
Military Justice in the Armed Forces of the United States by Everett, Robinson O. ISBN: 9780598589231 List Price: $111.00
MIL Law at a Glance by Jain, B. S. ISBN: 9788170020516
Court-Martial Handbook - Practice and Procedure by Rant, J. W., Rant, C. B. ISBN: 9780471974826 List Price: $165.00
Law of War by Detter, Ingrid, Greenwood, ... ISBN: 9780521782562 List Price: $140.00
Law of War - De Lupis Ingrid Detter - Paperback by Detter De Lupis, Ingrid ISBN: 9780521348386 List Price: $27.95
International Law of Armed Conflict Personal and Material Fields of Application by Kwakwa, Edward ISBN: 9780792315582 List Price: $100.50
Selected Defense-related Laws by Hunter, Duncan ISBN: 9780756741457 List Price: $95.00
Military Law for the Citizen-Soldier by USMA Staff, Fitzkee ISBN: 9780840387950 List Price: $8.90
Manual F/courts-martial U.s. by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780788177569 List Price: $95.00
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