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If you are looking for books suitable for a juvenile audience that relate to the performing arts, stop where you are. You can buy cheap television and radio textbooks from us today and get some amazing fiction titles young readers will love to get their teeth into. Look out for The Hunger Games; Tyler on Prime Time; Wonder Worlds; and Cookie Company. We've got plenty more examples of affordable deals as well, so if you can rent used television and radio textbooks you can get the best deals whenever you pay us a visit. Discounted prices are always given, sometimes by significant percentages too. Take a closer look today and you will see just how many options you have available to choose from. Use Valore Books every time you want the cheapest deals, and don't forget we buy back television and radio books too. You will get far more out of your budget if you do.

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Cookie Company - Ross Venokur - Hardcover by Venokur, Ross ISBN: 9780385326803
Cookie Company - Ross Venokur - Paperback by Venokur, Ross ISBN: 9780440415978
Hunger Games by Collins, Suzanne ISBN: 9780784835418
Groundhog Day from Black Lagoon by Thaler, Mike, Lee, Jared ISBN: 9780545785204
Mockingjay by Collins, Suzanne ISBN: 9781407132105 List Price: $18.00
Wonder Worlds by Thompson, Lisa, Thompson, L... ISBN: 9781404813472 List Price: $21.26
Square Eyes by Sundance/Newbridge, LLC Staff ISBN: 9780760849842 List Price: $6.90
Tyler on Prime Time by Atinsky, Steve ISBN: 9780385729178 List Price: $14.95
Tyler on Prime Time by Atinsky, Steve ISBN: 9780440418030 List Price: $5.50
Pottymouth and Stoopid by Patterson, James, Grabenste... ISBN: 9780316514989
Chomp by Hiaasen, Carl ISBN: 9781627650021 List Price: $19.00
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