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Nation and Society by Conrad, Margaret, Finkel, A... ISBN: 9780321494160
Our Lives : Canada After 1945 by James Lorimer & Company Ltd... ISBN: 9781459400504
How Silent Were the Churches? Canadian Protestantism and the Jewish Plight During the Nazi Era by Davies, Alan, Nefsky, Maril... ISBN: 9780889203099 List Price: $34.95
Veterans Charter and Post-World War II Canada by Neary, Peter, Granatstein, ... ISBN: 9780773516786 List Price: $95.00
Our Lives by Finkel, Alvin ISBN: 9781550285505
Canada among Nations 1984: A Time of Transition by Tomlin, Brian W., Molot, Ma... ISBN: 9780888627964
Strange Demise of British Canada : The Liberals and Canadian Nationalism, 1964-68 by Champion, C. P. ISBN: 9780773536906 List Price: $95.00
Louis Riel and the Creation of Modern Canada: Mythic Discourse and the Postcolonial State by Reid, Jennifer, Carrasco, D... ISBN: 9780826344151 List Price: $34.95
Canada Among Nations 1988 The Tory Record by Appel Molot, Maureen, Tomli... ISBN: 9781550281972 List Price: $14.95
Out Lives Canada Since 1945 by Finkel, Alvin ISBN: 9781550285512 List Price: $24.95
Making of Post-War Canada - Peter S. Li - Paperback by Li, Peter S. ISBN: 9780195409208 List Price: $24.00
Canada among Nations 1986 : Talking Trade by Molot, Maureen A., Tomlin, ... ISBN: 9780888628602
Klondike Stampede by Adney, Edwin Tappan ISBN: 9780598284020 List Price: $149.50
Klondike Stampede by Adney, Tappan, Coates, Ken ISBN: 9780774804899 List Price: $43.95
Transforming the Nation by Blake, Raymond B. ISBN: 9780773532144 List Price: $95.00
Canadian Founding John Locke and Parliament by Ajzenstat, Janet ISBN: 9780773532243 List Price: $29.95
History of Canada Since 1867 by Bothwell, Robert ISBN: 9780870133992 List Price: $7.50
Veterans Charter and Post-World War II Canada by Neary, Peter, Granatstein, ... ISBN: 9780773516977 List Price: $29.95
Canada Among Nations A World in Conflict by Appel Molot, Maureen, Tomli... ISBN: 9781550280456 List Price: $19.95
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