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Dracula, A Longman Cutural Edition by Stoker, Bram, Elfenbein, An... ISBN: 9780205632633 List Price: $24.00
Le Fantome De L'Opera by Leroux, Gaston, McGraw-Hill... ISBN: 9780844212333 List Price: $15.96
Phantom of the Opera Level 5 by Leroux, Gaston ISBN: 9780582505025 List Price: $9.27
Serpent of Venice by Moore, Christopher ISBN: 9780061779770 List Price: $15.99
Silent Companions : A Novel by Purcell, Laura ISBN: 9780143131632
Monk by Eberle-Sinatra, Michael, Co... ISBN: 9780321275912 List Price: $8.00
Listen to Me by Pittard, Hannah ISBN: 9780544947184 List Price: $14.99
Barter : A Novel by Adcock, Siobhan ISBN: 9780147516367 List Price: $16.00
Listen to Me by Pittard, Hannah ISBN: 9780544714441
Girl from Rawblood by Ward, Catriona ISBN: 9781492662358 List Price: $29.99
Vampyre : A Tale by Polidori, John William ISBN: 9780598618658 List Price: $30.00
Italian by Radcliffe, Ann ISBN: 9781847497031
Wrath of the Ancients by CAVENDISH, Catherine ISBN: 9781516104888
History of Wolves by Fridlund, Emily ISBN: 9781683242659 List Price: $36.95
Winter's Child by Parkin, Cassandra ISBN: 9781785079030
Phantom of the Opera by Leroux, Gaston ISBN: 9781795096409 List Price: $31.99
Darker Shade by Curtis, Laura K. ISBN: 9781941097557 List Price: $14.99
Phantom of the Opera by Leroux, Gaston ISBN: 9781798291504 List Price: $34.99
Monk : A Romance by Lewis, Matthew, Coleridge, ... ISBN: 9781950433704 List Price: $19.99
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