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Handbook of the Troubadours by Akehurst, F. R., Davis, Jud... ISBN: 9780520079762 List Price: $34.95
Coutumes De Beauvaisis of Philippe De Beaumanoir by Akehurst, F. R., Akehurst, ... ISBN: 9780812231052 List Price: $79.95
Our Lady's Lawsuits: The Advocacie Nostre Dame and the Chapelerie Nostre Dame De Bayeux by Davis, Judith M., Akehurst,... ISBN: 9780866984416 List Price: $59.00
A Handbook of the Troubadours (Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA) by F. R. P. Akehurst, Judith M... ISBN: 9780520079755 List Price: $60.00
Stranger in Medieval Society by Akehurst, F. R., Van D'Elde... ISBN: 9780816630325 List Price: $17.95