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When most people think of social studies classes, they think of middle school civics. The social studies are more than that, though. They are a mixture of history, sociology, geography, and political science that intends to describe not only how a government is formed, but why. Social study textbooks seek to explain why people have a need to form a governing body, why they choose certain types of government over others, and how they decide how much self-authority to surrender to their government for the good of everyone. When you rent social study textbooks, you gain insight into centuries of research into what makes a good government and a good citizen. Textbook rental is a way to obtain these books at an affordable price for the duration of your course. When you rent textbooks, rather than hope that the bookstore will buy them back, you simply return them. It's everyone's civic duty to understand why government run the way they do, but that doesn't mean you have to spend more money on the text books than you need to.

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Social Studies Classroom Experience: An Understanding and Practice of Citizenship Education by Cassandra Fernandes Faria ISBN: 9783844399998 List Price: $68.00
Social Studies in Elementary Education by John Jarolimek ISBN: 9780023603600
Humanization and social dreaming: A case study of changing social relations in a summer migr... by Manuel Luis Espinoza ISBN: 9781243487179 List Price: $69.00
Christian Concepts in Social Studies in Catholic Education by Sloyan, Gerard Stephen ISBN: 9781258306816 List Price: $46.95
Christian Concepts in Social Studies in Catholic Education by Gerard Stephen Sloyan ISBN: 9781258313456 List Price: $23.10
Motion Pictures in Adult Education : Studies in the Social Significance of Adult Education i... by Adam, Thomas Ritchie ISBN: 9781258274870 List Price: $24.95
Social Study in the Elementary School : Prentice Hall Education Series by Schwarz, John, Payne, E. Ge... ISBN: 9781258337643 List Price: $31.95
Social Study in the Elementary School : Prentice Hall Education Series by Schwarz, John, Payne, E. Ge... ISBN: 9781258334420 List Price: $46.95
Conceptions of Citizenship Education in Preservice Elementary Social Studies Education by Harms Logan, Hilary ISBN: 9781243686022 List Price: $69.00
Case Study of the Social and Educational Experiences of Homeless Children by Shankar-Brown, Rajni ISBN: 9781243974204 List Price: $69.00
Catholic Education For Social Work: Catholic University Of America, Studies In Sociology, V9 by Lucian Leo Lauerman ISBN: 9781258553555 List Price: $25.95
Design of the National Children's Study : A Workshop Summary by Committee on National Stati... ISBN: 9780309288408 List Price: $38.00
Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, Information Studies, Law 2010 (Peterson's ... by Peterson's, Schwartz, Jill C. ISBN: 9780768927139 List Price: $54.95
Social Studies: Content Knowledge Study Guide (Praxis Study Guides) by Educational Testing Service ISBN: 9780886852610 List Price: $25.00
Education for Social Efficiency: A Study in the Social Relations of Education by King, Irving ISBN: 9781143337321 List Price: $30.75
Comprehensive Teaching Models in Social Studies Education by Zodikoff, David ISBN: 9780840307835
The Official TAKS Study Guide for Grade 10 Social Studies by Texas Education Agency ISBN: 9780789737670
Bridges Social Studies Set : Grades 4-8 by Benchmark Education Co. ISBN: 9781616721176
Experimental Study of Attention from the Standpoint of Mental Efficiency : A Contribution to... by Fukuya, Shoan Masuzo ISBN: 9781179024219 List Price: $17.75
Sons of Italy; a Social and Religious Study of the Italians in Americ by Mangano, Antonio, Missionar... ISBN: 9781179389066 List Price: $28.75
Western Educated Man in India a Study of His Social Roles and Influence by Useen, John, Useem, Ruth Hill ISBN: 9781179646008 List Price: $27.75
Social Composition of Boards of Education; a Study in the Social Control of Public Education by Counts, George S. 1889-1974 ISBN: 9781179881645 List Price: $19.75
Social Studies in the Elementary School the Fifty-Sixth Yearbook of the National Society for... by National Society For The St... ISBN: 9781179889726 List Price: $35.75
Educators Guide to Free Social Studies Materials by Unknown ISBN: 9780877082200 List Price: $27.50
Community Colleges in the Evolving STEM Education Landscape: Summary of a Summit by Planning Committee on Evolv... ISBN: 9780309256544 List Price: $41.00
Pastoral Care and Personal-Social Education: Entitlement and Provision (Cassell Studies in P... by Best, Ron, Lodge, Caroline,... ISBN: 9780304327812 List Price: $100.00
On Language, Democracy, and Social Justice: Noam Chomsky's Critical Intervention (Counterpoi... by Pierre W. Orelus, Noam Chomsky ISBN: 9781433124471 List Price: $39.95
Pursuing Higher Education in Canada: Economic, Social and Policy Dimensions by Finnie, Ross, Queen's Unive... ISBN: 9781553392781 List Price: $95.00
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