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Political science is an analysis of the various elements of politics, both on a personal level and on the level of an entire government system. It attempts to logically analyze the actions and methods of politicians, which is a difficult task even in the best of situations. Political science textbooks typically try to stay current with emerging trends, so purchasing a text book may not always be in your best interest. When you rent political science textbooks, however, you never have to concern yourself with whether or not your books retain their value. Textbook rental is an easy and affordable way to prepare for your classes. You can rent textbooks in political science as a whole, or in specialized categories like international relations, comparative politics, or the political structure of a certain nation. Even studies in fields like public administration and methodology are considered political science. Whatever your needs are, we have the political science textbooks that you need to be successful in your class.

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Agroecology : Science and Politics by Rosset, Peter M. ISBN: 9781552669754 List Price: $19.00
My Political Science Journal : Writing Journal by Marshall ISBN: 9781973751953 List Price: $7.99
Problems, Philosophy and Politics of Climate Science by Visconti, Guido ISBN: 9783319656687 List Price: $99.00
Military Interventions : Considerations from Philosophy and Political Science by Neuhauser, Christian, Schuc... ISBN: 9783848735280
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