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Going to medical school is a lot like going to superhero school. Once you graduate, you'll literally spend your days protecting (and saving!) thousands of people as you wage an ongoing battle against the villainous forces of entropy: illness, injury, and fear. You'll brandish a stethoscope rather than a light saber and wear a white lab coat rather than a colorful cape, but you'll be saving lives just the same. Between now and then, you've got a lot to learn from your Medical Science textbook rental: Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Epidemiology, Pharmacology--so many –ologies that your brainy little head may come down with a case of vertigo. All your studying will pay off, though, the minute you tell your first patient they're going to be fine, and mean it, professionally. So rent a Medical textbook, start working on your fabulously illegible signature, and see how your name looks with a "Dr." in front...because the world is short on superheroes.

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New Medical Dictionary : Including All the Words and Phrases Generally Used in Medicine, wit... by Gould, George Milbry ISBN: 9781295738045 List Price: $40.75
Medical Hypnosis by De Laurence, L. W. ISBN: 9781498015301 List Price: $33.95
Medical Astrology by Daath, Heinrich ISBN: 9781497953819 List Price: $24.95
Aids Epidemic in San Francisco : The Medical Response 1981-1984 Volume 6 - Primary Source Ed... by Bancroft Library. Regional ... ISBN: 9781295699629 List Price: $30.75
Major Symptoms of Hysteria; Fifteen Lectures Given in the Medical School of Harvard Universi... by Janet, Pierre Marie Felix ISBN: 9781295722761 List Price: $33.75
Practical Treatise on the Medical and Surgical Uses of Electricity : Including Localized and... by Beard, George Miller, Rockw... ISBN: 9781294895879 List Price: $52.75
Treatise on Insanity in Its Medical Relations by Hammond, William A. ISBN: 9781498132411 List Price: $57.95
Works, Literary, Moral, and Medical of Thomas Percival V3 by Percival, Thomas ISBN: 9781498107464 List Price: $45.95
Directory of Alumni - Primary Source Edition by New York Medical College ISBN: 9781295599523 List Price: $18.75
Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests, Medical, Economical, and Agricultural; - Prima... by Porcher, Francis Peyre ISBN: 9781295701858 List Price: $55.75
Code of Medical Ethics Adopted by the American Medical Association : Rev. to Date - Primary ... by Association, American Medical ISBN: 9781295841448 List Price: $15.75
Specific Medication and Specific Medicines - Primary Source Edition by Scudder, John Milton ISBN: 9781295849055 List Price: $26.75
Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform : Issues of Insurance Costs, Coverage, Caps, and Compens... by Montana. Legislature. Joint... ISBN: 9781295658077 List Price: $19.75
Via Medica : A Treatise on the Laws and Customs of the Medical Profession in Relation Especi... by Langley, John Baxter ISBN: 9781295629145 List Price: $21.75
Student's Hand-Book of Forensic Medicine and Medical Police - Primary Source Edition by Husband, Henry Aubrey ISBN: 9781295601844 List Price: $45.75
Thesaurus of Medical Words and Phrases - Primary Source Edition by Barton, Wilfred Mason ISBN: 9781295794508 List Price: $42.75
Medical Flora; or, Manual of the Medical Botany of the United States of North America : Cont... by Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel ISBN: 9781295803132 List Price: $33.75
Medical Latin, Designed Expressly for Elementary Training of Medical Students... - Primary S... by William Thomas St. Clair ISBN: 9781294872054 List Price: $21.75
Harvard Medical School; a History, Narrative and Documentary. 1782-1905 Volume 3 - Primary S... by Mumford, James Gregory, Har... ISBN: 9781295887545 List Price: $49.75
Medical Education in the United States and Canada : A Report to the Carnegie Foundation for ... by Pritchett, Henry Smith, Car... ISBN: 9781294833826 List Price: $33.75
New York Polyclinic, Volume 1 - Primary Source Edition by New York Polyclinic Medical... ISBN: 9781294932642 List Price: $23.75
Medical Missions, Their Place and Power - Primary Source Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9781295859375 List Price: $30.75
Introductory Lecture to the Course of General, Descriptive, and Surgical Anatomy, in Jeffers... by Pancoast, Joseph, Jefferson... ISBN: 9781294866138 List Price: $15.75
On the Temperature in Diseases : A Manual of Medical Thermometry - Primary Source Edition by Wunderlich, Carl August, Wo... ISBN: 9781294853350 List Price: $38.75
Doctors : An Address Delivered to the Students of the Medical School of the Middlesex Hospit... by Kipling, Rudyard, Lucas, Re... ISBN: 9781295847198 List Price: $15.75
Ship Captain's Medical Guide - Primary Source Edition by Leach, Harry ISBN: 9781295832736 List Price: $19.75
Collectio Salernitana, Volume 5... - Primary Source Edition by Medical School Of Salerno ISBN: 9781294917496 List Price: $35.75
Text-Book of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology - Primary Source Edition by Glaister, John ISBN: 9781294934370 List Price: $58.75
Tell Them; or, the Life Story of a Medical Missionary - Primary Source Edition by Dowkontt, George D. ISBN: 9781294891550 List Price: $26.75
Medical Gynecology - Primary Source Edition by Kelly, Howard Atwood ISBN: 9781295595860 List Price: $48.75
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