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You may not see the point in calculating Pi to its billionth decimal position nor determining the theoretical speed at which your hypothetical hula hoop will fall if you throw it off a nonexistent building. However, Math can be used for more personally satisfying purposes like on-the-spot calculations in a vacation destination to measure temperature on the Celsius scale, and mentally converting your currency throughout your trip. Sure, there's an omniscient i-device in your pocket, but if something happens, you'll need to fall back on the education you got from your Math textbook rental. You'll soon see that Math is more than memorizing multiplication tables--it's one of the most basic and important skill sets to have on tap. No matter which way you add it up, this subject is integral to your success. Follow in the footsteps of Math heroes everywhere, from Archimedes to Newton, rent a Math textbook, and learn how to win the numbers game.

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Mathematical Finance and Probability A Discrete Introduction by Koch Medina, Pablo, Merino,... ISBN: 9783764369217 List Price: $63.95
Discrete Mathematics: Applied Algebra for Computer and Information Science by Bobrow, Leonard S., Arbib, ... ISBN: 9780721617688 List Price: $26.95
Discrete Mathematics Instructors Manual by Unknown ISBN: 9780072899078 List Price: $50.50
Discrete Thoughts Essays on Mathematics, Science, and Philosophy by Kac, Mark, Rota, Gian-Carlo... ISBN: 9780817636364 List Price: $69.95
Mathematical Methods in Robust Control of Discrete-Time Linear Stochastic Systems by Dragan, Vasile, Morozan, To... ISBN: 9781441906298 List Price: $119.00
Discrete Mathematics (College) by Kenneth P. Bogart ISBN: 9780669086652 List Price: $102.76
Advances in Switching Networks: Dimacs Workshop July 7-9, 1997 (Dimacs Series in Discrete Ma... by Dimacs Workshop on Network ... ISBN: 9780821808313 List Price: $86.00
Modules in Applied Mathematics: Discrete and System Models by Lucas, W. F. ISBN: 9780387907246 List Price: $69.95
Discrete Mathematics by Unknown ISBN: 9780130458018
Discrete Mathematics & Applications by Unknown ISBN: 9780072336108 List Price: $113.60
Discrete Mathematics Across the Curriculum, K-12 1991 Yearbook by Kenney, Margaret J. ISBN: 9780873533058 List Price: $23.95
Outlines & Highlights for Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics by Ralph P. Grimaldi, ISBN:... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428839687 List Price: $39.95
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Formal System Specification by Ince, Darrel C. ISBN: 9780198596677 List Price: $67.50
Discrete Mathematics With Combinatorics by Anderson, James A. ISBN: 9780130869982 List Price: $110.00
Discrete Mathematics and Algebraic Structures - Larry J. Gerstein - Hardcover by Gerstein, Larry J. ISBN: 9780716718048 List Price: $41.95
Estimation, Control, and the Discrete Kalman Filter (Applied Mathematical Sciences) by Donald E. Catlin ISBN: 9781461288640 List Price: $139.00
Primer of Discrete Mathematics by Finkbeiner, Daniel T., Lind... ISBN: 9780716718154 List Price: $36.95
Algebraic Geometry in Cryptography (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) by Xing, Chaoping, Wang, Huaxi... ISBN: 9781420079463 List Price: $79.95
Outlines & Highlights for Discrete Mathematics by Richard Johnsonbaugh, ISBN: 9780131593183 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428835955 List Price: $31.95
Relations and Graphs: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists - Gunther Schmidt - Hardc... by Schmidt, G., Stohlein, T., ... ISBN: 9780387562544 List Price: $88.95
Mathematics and Its Applications to Management, Life, and Social Sciences: With Finite and D... by Cozzens, Margaret B., Porte... ISBN: 9780669093681 List Price: $60.00
Elements of Discrete Mathematics by Liu, Chung L. ISBN: 9780070381315 List Price: $51.95
Topics in Finite and Discrete Mathematics by Ross, Sheldon M. ISBN: 9780521772594 List Price: $123.00
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rose, Seymour Lipsc... ISBN: 9780073987941 List Price: $97.50
Discrete Mathematics by Johnsonbaugh, Richard ISBN: 9780023607202
Outlines & Highlights for Discrete Mathematics by Ferland, ISBN: 9780618415380 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428827998 List Price: $30.95
Outlines & Highlights for Essentials of Discrete Mathematics by Hunter, ISBN: 9780763748920 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428878174 List Price: $27.95
Outlines & Highlights for Discrete Mathematical Structures by Kolman & Busby, ISBN: 97801322... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428878242 List Price: $29.95
Outlines & Highlights for Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications with MathZone by Kenneth... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews Staff ISBN: 9781428889385 List Price: $33.95
Discrete Mathematics by Ross & Wright, Cram101 Text... ISBN: 9781428834569 List Price: $10.95
Discrete Mathematics with Applications by Epp, Cram101 Textbook Revie... ISBN: 9781428834101 List Price: $11.95
Discrete Mathematics with Graph Theory by Goodaire & Parmenter, Cram1... ISBN: 9781428833982 List Price: $11.95
Discrete Mathematics and Applied Modern Algebra by Unknown ISBN: 9780871507020
Selected Solutions for Discrete Algorithimc Mathematic by Maurer, Stephen B., Ralston... ISBN: 9781568812557 List Price: $30.00
Applications of Discrete Mathematics by Roberts, Fred S., Ringeisen... ISBN: 9780898712193 List Price: $40.75
Discrete Algorithmic Mathematics by Maurer, Stephen B., Ralston... ISBN: 9781568810911 List Price: $59.00
Discrete Mathematics with Applications by H. F. Mattson ISBN: 9780471606727
Discrete Mathematics through Applications - Nancy Crisler - Hardcover by Crisler, Nancy ISBN: 9780716724278 List Price: $35.95
Essential Discrete Mathematics by Johnsonbaugh, Richard ISBN: 9780023606304
Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics by Grimaldi, Ralph P., Rose-Hu... ISBN: 9780201125900
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