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You may not see the point in calculating Pi to its billionth decimal position nor determining the theoretical speed at which your hypothetical hula hoop will fall if you throw it off a nonexistent building. However, Math can be used for more personally satisfying purposes like on-the-spot calculations in a vacation destination to measure temperature on the Celsius scale, and mentally converting your currency throughout your trip. Sure, there's an omniscient i-device in your pocket, but if something happens, you'll need to fall back on the education you got from your Math textbook rental. You'll soon see that Math is more than memorizing multiplication tables--it's one of the most basic and important skill sets to have on tap. No matter which way you add it up, this subject is integral to your success. Follow in the footsteps of Math heroes everywhere, from Archimedes to Newton, rent a Math textbook, and learn how to win the numbers game.

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Instructors Solutions Manual to Discrete Mathematics 3e by Dossey ISBN: 9780673977953 List Price: $25.20
Discrete Mathematical Structures by Kolman ISBN: 9780135159170
Radiative Transfer and Discrete Spaces (Pure & Applied Mathematics Monograph) by Preisendorfer, R., Sneddon,... ISBN: 9780080105925
Discrete Mathematics - Instructor's Resource Manual by Ross, Melanie H. ISBN: 9780132181655
Mathematical Models of Continuous and Discrete Dynamic Systems (Ellis Horwood Series in Math... by Griffiths, H., Oldknow, Adr... ISBN: 9780135638002 List Price: $42.00
Discrete Mathematics in Statistical Physics by Loebl, Martin ISBN: 9783528032197 List Price: $52.25
Foundations of discrete mathematics by Fletcher, Peter, Hoyle, Hug... ISBN: 9780534983819
Discrete Mathematics Structures by Unknown ISBN: 9788122426694
Discrete Mathematics and Structures by Satinder Bal Gupta ISBN: 9788131803523
Minimal Resolutions Via Algebraic Discrete Morse Theory (Memoirs of the American Mathematica... by Jollenbeck, Michael, Welker... ISBN: 9780821842577 List Price: $62.00
Implementing Discrete Mathematics: Combinatorics And Graphy Theory With Mathematica by Skiena, Steven ISBN: 9780201694673 List Price: $54.00
Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms: Proceedings i... by ACM Special Interest Group ... ISBN: 9780898715859 List Price: $125.00
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics by Mceliece ISBN: 9780075570486 List Price: $26.87
INTRO TO DISCRETE MATHEMATICS by McEliece, Robert J. ISBN: 9780075570158 List Price: $61.74
Advances in Laryngology in Europe (Annals of Discrete Mathematics) by European Laryngological Soc... ISBN: 9780444825438 List Price: $223.50
Advances in Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science/Generalized Complete Mappings by Hsu, D. Frank, Hsu, D. Frank ISBN: 9780911767384 List Price: $60.00
Discrete Mathematics 1 For Aqa by Dolan, Stan ISBN: 9780521799416 List Price: $21.00
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists - Joe L. Mott - Hardcover by Mott, Joe L., Kandel, Abraham ISBN: 9780835913720 List Price: $36.33
Discrete Mathematics in the First Two Years - Anthony Ralston - Hardcover by Ralston, Anthony ISBN: 9780883850640 List Price: $5.00
Discrete Mathematics by Wright, Charles R., Ross, K... ISBN: 9780132152860
Mathematical Modeling in Discrete Mechanical Systems by Arczewski, K. ISBN: 9780135637500 List Price: $42.00
Proceedings Of The Fifteenth Annual Acm-siam Symposium On Discrete Algorithsm by ACM Special Interest Group ... ISBN: 9780898715583 List Price: $125.00
Discrete Mathematics by Piff, Mike ISBN: 9780521384759 List Price: $69.95
Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth H. Rosen ISBN: 9780071198813
Report of Committee on Discrete Mathematics in the First 2 Years by Unknown ISBN: 9780883854426 List Price: $4.50
Balanced Silverman Games on General Discrete Sets (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematic... by Gerald Heuer, Ulrike Leopol... ISBN: 9783540543725 List Price: $99.00
A course in discrete mathematics by Mena, Robert A. ISBN: 9780536581464
Discrete Mathematical Structures by Kolman, Bernard ISBN: 9780130851420
Discrete Mathematical Structures by Kolman, Bernard, Busby, Rob... ISBN: 9780130870186
Discrete Mathematical Structures by Kolman ISBN: 9780133750645
Discrete Mathematics by Anderson, James A. ISBN: 9780137937875
Discrete Mathematical Structures by Benedicty, Mario, Sledge, F... ISBN: 9780155176843 List Price: $1.50
Discrete Mathematics for Beginners by Cargal, James M. ISBN: 9780817641726 List Price: $39.95
FORTRAN Codes for Mathematical Programming : Linear, Quadratic and Discrete by Land, Ailsa H., Powell, S. ISBN: 9780608178561 List Price: $82.20
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