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It's a long way from your first traffic ticket to the time you take (and pass!) the bar, and there's a whole lot of People vs. Other People's cases to learn in between. The tricks to over-complicating what you're really saying takes a while to learn, but your best defense in an ever-changing landscape of legalese is to figure out how to write it yourself--when you rent a Law textbook. Even if you don't wind up pursuing law as your career, everyone needs a lawyer sooner or later, and when that time comes for you, you're going to feel like the District Attorney if you already know the lingo. Whatever it was that summoned you to study Law--Legally Blond, Law & Order, or maybe 12 Angry Men--these textbook rentals will help you make a sound argument. Learn how to get the law on your side and stand tall when cross-examined by your main squeeze or when subpoenaed to the Dean's office. No matter which way the gavel falls, the best way to make crime pay is to become a lawyer.

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Income and Currency Gain or Loss with Respect to a Section Qualified Business Unit (US Inter... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781729710234 List Price: $19.90
Member Business Loans - Commercial Lending (US National Credit Union Administration Regulati... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781729716687 List Price: $19.90
Federal Acquisition Regulation - FAR Case 2007-006, Contractor Business Ethics Compliance Pr... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781729697375 List Price: $19.90
Guidance Necessary to Facilitate Business Electronic Filing and Burden Reduction (US Interna... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781729703984 List Price: $19.90
Guidance Necessary To Facilitate Business Electronic Filing Under Section 1561 (US Internal ... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781729703953 List Price: $19.90
Guaranteed Loanmaking and Servicing Regulations (US Rural Business Regulation) (RBS) (2018 E... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781729839034 List Price: $19.90
Repowering Assistance Payments to Eligible Biorefineries (US Rural Business Regulation) (RBS... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781729869826 List Price: $19.90
Master-Level Business and Client Development Checklists : For Lawyers, Law Firms and Other P... by Savarino, Julie, Savarino, ... ISBN: 9781732945302 List Price: $49.95
Surety Companies Doing Business With the United States (US Fiscal Service Regulation) (FISCA... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781727574005 List Price: $19.90
Unincorporated Business Entities (US Farm Credit Administration Regulation) (FCA) (2018 Edit... by The Law Library, The Law, T... ISBN: 9781727701784 List Price: $19.90
Abstract of the Certificates of Corporations Organized under the General Laws of Massachuset... by Etc, Massachusetts Laws Sta... ISBN: 9780666545336 List Price: $39.37
American Universities : American Foreign Service and an Adequate Consular Law (Classic Reprint) by America, National Business ... ISBN: 9780666932396 List Price: $25.38
Business Law 3E Wiley e-Text+istudy Version 1 Card by James, Nickolas ISBN: 9780730308188 List Price: $53.95
Business Law 3E Istudy Version 1 Card by James ISBN: 9780730305675 List Price: $42.50
The Laws of Business: With Forms of Common Business and Legal Documents for the Use of Stude... by Fleming, Christopher Alexan... ISBN: 9781297789168 List Price: $15.95
The Canadian Album: Men of Canada; or, Success by Example, in Religion, Patriotism, Business... by Cochrane, William, Hopkins,... ISBN: 9781340238919 List Price: $29.95
Delaware Corporations: Digest Of The Delaware Law, Advantages Of The Law For Business Corpor... by Company, Corporation Trust,... ISBN: 9781298989949 List Price: $19.95
The Handy Book On The Law And Practice Of Joint Stock Companies Incorporated Under The Comap... by Pulbrook, Anthony, Anthony ... ISBN: 9781340129934 List Price: $27.95
Business Corporations In Massachusetts: How To Organize A Massachusetts Corporation. The Cor... by North, Frank A., Frank A. N... ISBN: 9781340462352 List Price: $21.95
The Practical Debater: An Outline of Instruction in the Law and Practice of Preliminary Asse... by Henry, W. H. F., W H. F. Henry ISBN: 9781376509199 List Price: $12.95
The Essentials of Business Law by Burdick, Francis Marion, Fr... ISBN: 9781376441376 List Price: $16.95
Parish Law: Or, a Guide to Justices of the Peace, Ministers, Churchwardens, Overseers of the... by Shaw, Joseph, Joseph Shaw ISBN: 9781376437348 List Price: $18.95
Law Without Lawyers: A Compendium of Business and Domestic Law for Popular Use by Corey, Henry Bascom, Henry ... ISBN: 9781376429787 List Price: $18.95
Business Law : A Working Manual of Every-Day Law; Volume 1 by Conyngton, Thomas ISBN: 9781377756677 List Price: $19.95
Practical Summary of the Law and Usage of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes ... to Whic... by Foster, Benjamin Franklin ISBN: 9781377764634 List Price: $12.95
Selected Cases on Contracts Arranged for the Use of Students of Business Law by Anonymous ISBN: 9781377914510 List Price: $16.95
Business Law for Business Men : A Reference Book Showing the Laws of California for Daily Us... by Bledsoe, Anthony Jennings ISBN: 9781377858104 List Price: $19.95
Laws of Business for All the States and Territories of the Union and the Dominion of Canada by Parsons, Theophilus ISBN: 9781377983608 List Price: $28.95
Pacific Law Encyclopedia : A Complete Hand Book of All Matters Ordinarily Coming Before Judg... by Cowdery, Jabez Franklin ISBN: 9781377987958 List Price: $26.95
Law in Business Problems : Cases and Other Materials for the Study of Legal Aspects of Business by Schaub, Lincoln Frederick ISBN: 9781377961415 List Price: $27.95
Law in Business Problems : Cases and Other Materials for the Study of Legal Aspects of Business by Schaub, Lincoln Frederick, ... ISBN: 9781377962788 List Price: $27.95
Business Law--Case Method . . ; Volume 7 by House, Commerce Clearing, K... ISBN: 9781378050576 List Price: $16.95
Encyclopaedia of Business Law and Forms ... Representing the Study and Decisions of Most Abl... by Spalding, Hugh Mortimer ISBN: 9781378080399 List Price: $24.95
Pilot Small Business Technology Transfer (Sttr) and Small Business Innovation Research (Sbir... by United States Congress Hous... ISBN: 9781378140017 List Price: $12.95
Law and Business ... : Law and Risk-Bearing. Law and Labor. Law and the Form of the Business... by Spencer, William Homer ISBN: 9781378425800 List Price: $23.95
Entrepreneur Inc : Business Law Simplified by Benizri, Jamie ISBN: 9781720829805 List Price: $9.99
Young Boss & Blessed: Guide to Constitutional Law and Financial Literacy: Business Oriented ... by White, Domita, Domita White ISBN: 9781722044848 List Price: $20.00
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