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With plot lines that out-twist any Hitchcock story, tragedy to make Les Misérables seem cheerful, and elements of slapstick that outdo even the Three Stooges, the study of History offers more than simply dates and names. Think of it as the longest-running and most epic tale ever told. When you rent a History textbook, you'll learn about the wars, revolutions, discoveries, and advances that have led us to where we are today. From ancient Greece to the Chinese Empire, from Cleopatra to the Italian Renaissance, from Manifest Destiny to the Space Race, no adventure is without sufficient intrigue and drama. The soap opera-worthy manuscripts of how we got here will surely be page turners--oh, the cliffhangers! So get on board with a History textbook rental and remember: those who don't pass History are doomed to repeat it.

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Sources in Patterns of World History by Perry, Jonathan Scott, Von ... ISBN: 9780199399734
Thinking Past : Questions and Problems in World History to 1750 by Cole, Adrian, Ortega, Stephen ISBN: 9780199794775
Patterns of World History by Von Sivers, Peter, Desnoyer... ISBN: 9780199399642
History of the English-Speaking Peoples Volume II : The New World by Churchill, Sir Winston S. ISBN: 9781474223447
The World's Greatest Cities: The History of Tokyo by Charles River Editors ISBN: 9781500622299 List Price: $6.99
Axial Ages of World History : Lessons for the 21st Century by Baskin, Ken, Bondarenko, Dm... ISBN: 9781938158148 List Price: $14.95
A Short History of the World by H.G. Wells ISBN: 9781500737498 List Price: $12.99
The World's Greatest Civilizations: The History of the Goths by Charles River Editors ISBN: 9781500717452 List Price: $6.99
History of the World War... Volume 2 by Simonds, Frank H. (Frank He... ISBN: 9781314943177 List Price: $30.95
The World's work; a history of our time Volume 30 by Anonymous ISBN: 9781236804631 List Price: $13.23
The Historians' History of the World Volume 25 by Henry Smith Williams ISBN: 9781236926470 List Price: $20.26
The History of the Western World; The United States Volume 2 by Anonymous ISBN: 9781236907462 List Price: $8.79
Economic and Social History of the World War. British Series Volume 6 by Carnegie Endowment for History ISBN: 9781236924353 List Price: $17.97
History & Proceedings of the World's Insurance Congress ; Under the Auspices of the Panama-P... by Freeman Randolph Jones ISBN: 9781236934499 List Price: $22.40
The ancient Roman empire and the British Empire in India The diffusion of Roman and English ... by Bryce Viscount James ISBN: 9785518496279 List Price: $59.95
Short histories of the literatures of the world Volume 6 by Calvin Thomas ISBN: 9781236739773 List Price: $19.40
Aristopia; A Romance-history of the New World by Castello N. Holford ISBN: 9781236995384 List Price: $15.84
Decisive Battles of World History by Aldrete, Gregory S. ISBN: 9781629970592 List Price: $49.95
The historians' history of the world; a comprehensive narrative of the rise and development ... by Henry Smith Williams ISBN: 9781293415337 List Price: $49.75
Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction: Teacher Edition Modern 2012 by HOLT MCDOUGAL ISBN: 9780547491301 List Price: $111.00
The Great trek (Round the world histories ; 33) by Thomas Victor Bulpin ISBN: 9780717506675
Glencoe World History, Teacher Wraparound Edition by Jackson J. Spielvogel ISBN: 9780078785856
World History (Teacher's Edition) by Ellis and Esler ISBN: 9780133651942
World History Library: History of the Netherlands by MA KE ?T. HU KE (Hooker.M.T... ISBN: 9787547300718
Evelina, or, The history of a young lady's entrance into the world - Primary Source Edition by Burney Fanny 1752-1840 ISBN: 9781293860403 List Price: $40.75
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