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Once upon a time your study of English consisted of memorizing the correct spelling for endless words and irregular grammatical conjugations. Whether you swim, swam or swum through those murky waters, you'll be thrilled to learn that college-level English focuses less on words and more on the stories they weave. Rent English textbooks and experience the day-to-day drama of boarding school with Holden Caulfield and Jayne Eyre; travel through the Dust Bowl from Oklahoma to California with the Joad Family; and find out what happens when Gregor Samsa wakes up as a cockroach in Metamorphosis. The more tales you read, the more references you'll recognize in songs, films, and everyday conversation. So go forth with your English textbook rental and dive into an adventure. Before you know it, you'll be dreaming in iambic pentameter. Ay, there's the rub.

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New Total English Elementary Class Audio CD by Mark Foley ISBN: 9781408254264
Market Leader: Elementary: Business English Teacher's Resource Book [With CDROM] by Irene Barrall ISBN: 9781408279212 List Price: $61.93
Pulleys: Elementary Level (Heinemann English Readers) by Chris Oxlade ISBN: 9780435294670
Changing Materials: Elementary Level (Heinemann English Readers) by David Glover, Penny Glover ISBN: 9780435294908
Curricula In English. Elementary... by Anonymous ISBN: 9781247290362 List Price: $17.75
Elementary Steps In English... by John Morrow ISBN: 9781271070022 List Price: $26.75
Teaching of English in the Elementary and the Secondary School by Unknown ISBN: 9781314500400 List Price: $30.95
Graded Lessons in English : An Elementary English Grammar, Consisting of One Hundred Practic... by Kellogg., Alonzo Reed And B... ISBN: 9781314398816 List Price: $28.95
Avenues Level C : With addition of English at Your Command! Early Elementary Level Class Pack by Short, Deborah J., Tinajero... ISBN: 9780736222068 List Price: $1,036.95
Elementary English-Grammar Tips For Parents And Young Learners by Simone Gillespie ISBN: 9781491268575 List Price: $8.97
On the Teaching of English in Elementary and High Schools, Volume 5... by George Pliny Brown ISBN: 9781272460648 List Price: $23.75
Graded Lessons In English: An Elementary English Grammar : Consisting Of One Hundred Practic... by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellogg ISBN: 9781274039736 List Price: $22.75
Just Right English Elementary Student Book by Harmer ISBN: 9781133562979 List Price: $29.95
Elementary German Prose Composition: Selected Passages From Modern English Authors For Trans... by Emma Sophia Buchheim ISBN: 9781270849216 List Price: $19.75
Graded Lessons in English: An Elementary English Grammar (1902) by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellogg ISBN: 9781498195706 List Price: $33.95
Graded Lessons in English: An Elementary English Grammar (1902) by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellogg ISBN: 9781498146289 List Price: $48.95
New Total English Elementary Active Teach by Unknown ISBN: 9781408255063
Teaching English in Elementary Schools by Unknown ISBN: 9788174889867
Teaching English In Elementary Schools, by B. V. Verghese ISBN: 9788126116331
The English Elementary School : Some Elementary Facts about it by Alfred W. Newton ISBN: 9781115720007 List Price: $23.99
HSK Mock Tests, Elementary--Intermediate (English and Chinese Edition) by Hong Chen ISBN: 9787800527784 List Price: $24.95
The Language of America; Lessons in Elementary English for Adults Volume 1 by Caroline Clark Myers ISBN: 9781230373744 List Price: $12.12
Elementary Lessons in Historical English Grammar by Henry Bradley, Richard Morris ISBN: 9781103670000 List Price: $21.99
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Student's Book with Online Assessment and Practice, and... by Doff, Adrian, Thaine, Craig... ISBN: 9781107466302 List Price: $80.00
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Workbook with Answers with Audio by Anderson, Peter ISBN: 9781107466487 List Price: $26.00
Elementary Latin-English Vocabulary, Classified According to Declensions and Conjugations - ... by Vocabulary, Latin-English ISBN: 9781294464099 List Price: $15.75
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Student's Book by Doff, Adrian, Thaine, Craig... ISBN: 9781107466265 List Price: $42.00
Elementary English Language Arts : Student Learning Portfolio by Nets USA ISBN: 9781628032147 List Price: $20.00
Elementary English Language Arts : Facilitator Guide by Nets USA ISBN: 9781628032093 List Price: $25.00
NYC - District 12 Elementary English Language Arts Classroom Library by Steps To Literacy Staff ISBN: 9781633952966 List Price: $520.00
First Lessons in Reading : A New Method of Teaching the Reading of English, [by Which the Ea... by Wheeler, William Adolphus, ... ISBN: 9781295667147 List Price: $19.75
Elementary Anglo Vernacular Grammar : English and Burmese - Primary Source Edition by Evans, K. f. ISBN: 9781295875061 List Price: $19.75
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