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Once upon a time your study of English consisted of memorizing the correct spelling for endless words and irregular grammatical conjugations. Whether you swim, swam or swum through those murky waters, you'll be thrilled to learn that college-level English focuses less on words and more on the stories they weave. Rent English textbooks and experience the day-to-day drama of boarding school with Holden Caulfield and Jayne Eyre; travel through the Dust Bowl from Oklahoma to California with the Joad Family; and find out what happens when Gregor Samsa wakes up as a cockroach in Metamorphosis. The more tales you read, the more references you'll recognize in songs, films, and everyday conversation. So go forth with your English textbook rental and dive into an adventure. Before you know it, you'll be dreaming in iambic pentameter. Ay, there's the rub.

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Lessons in English: A Practical Course of Language Lessons and Elementary Grammar by Albert Newton Raub ISBN: 9781287381778 List Price: $22.75
English Words: An Elementary Study of Derivations - Primary Source Edition by Charles Frederick Johnson ISBN: 9781287857181 List Price: $27.75
Practical Phonics: A Comprehensive Study of Pronunciation, Forming a Complete Guide to the S... by Esmond Vedder De Graff ISBN: 9781287738114 List Price: $20.75
Elementary English Grammar by Brainerd Kellogg, Alonzo Reed ISBN: 9781289357436 List Price: $22.75
Elementary Old English Reader, Early West Saxon by Alfred John Wyatt ISBN: 9781289857400 List Price: $23.75
The Public School Elementary French Grammar. Adapted for the Use of English Schools and Pers... by Gustave Masson, Auguste Bra... ISBN: 9781289876234 List Price: $32.75
Elementary Dictionary of the English Language [Electronic Resource by Joseph E. 1784-1865 Worcester ISBN: 9781289836368 List Price: $34.75
Graded Lessons in English. an Elementary English Grammar, Consisting of One Hundred Practica... by Alonzo Reed, Brainerd Kellog ISBN: 9781289759933 List Price: $24.75
English File: Elementary: Class DVD by Unknown ISBN: 9780194598620
The elements of Old English; elementary grammar and reference grammar by Samuel Moore ISBN: 9781236956460 List Price: $14.44
Elementary English composition by Frederick Henry Sykes ISBN: 9785518804579 List Price: $49.95
An Elementary Old English Grammar - Primary Source Edition by Alfred John Wyatt ISBN: 9781294528654 List Price: $22.75
Elementary English: Based on Steps in English, Book 1 by John Morrow ISBN: 9781289395285 List Price: $26.75
Elementary English... by Lillian Gertrude Kimball ISBN: 9781289446574 List Price: $30.75
Graded Lessons in English: An Elementary English Grammar: Consisting of One Hundred Practica... by Brainerd Kellogg, Alonzo Reed ISBN: 9781289401344 List Price: $22.75
Elementary German Prose Composition: Selected Passages from Modern English Authors for Trans... by Emma Sophia Buchheim ISBN: 9781289402860 List Price: $20.75
Elementary English Composition by Fred Newton Scott, Joseph V... ISBN: 9781289405984 List Price: $26.75
Elementary English Spoken and Written, Book 2 by Lamont Foster Hodge ISBN: 9781287488071 List Price: $38.75
Elementary Phonetics: English, French, German; Their Theory and Practical Application in the... by G. Smith, Wilhelm Scholle ISBN: 9781289629717 List Price: $26.75
Elementary grammar of the English language by Thomas Rhys Vickroy ISBN: 9781130398311 List Price: $5.60
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Workbook Without Answers with Audio by Anderson, Peter ISBN: 9781107488748 List Price: $26.00
Speaking and Writing English : An a Course of Study for the Eight Grades of the Elementary S... by Sheridan, Bernard M. ISBN: 9781293609200 List Price: $22.75
An Elementary Dictionary of the English Language - Scholar's Choice Edition by Worcester Joseph E. (Joseph... ISBN: 9781298305671 List Price: $34.75
Cultivating Knowledge, Building Language : Literacy Instruction for English Learners in Elem... by Lesaux, Nonie K., Harris, J... ISBN: 9780325062501 List Price: $25.00
Parent's Guide to College and Career Readiness - Elementary - English by Sussman Sales Company Staff ISBN: 9781617177125 List Price: $2.95
Formation and Development of Elementary English Sounds - Primary Source Edition by Yale, Caroline Ardelia ISBN: 9781293674604 List Price: $17.75
Elementary Lessons in English (Classic Reprint) by Author, Unknown, Unknown Au... ISBN: 9781330460504 List Price: $9.97
Elementary English (Classic Reprint) by Lyte, E. Oram, E. Oram Lyte ISBN: 9781330597637 List Price: $9.57
The English Citizen His Life and Duty: A Book for Continuation Schools and the Senior Classe... by Wyatt, Charles Henry, Charl... ISBN: 9781330956335 List Price: $11.97
The Teaching of English, in the Elementary and the Secondary School (Classic Reprint) by Chubb, Percival, Percival C... ISBN: 9781330808566 List Price: $16.57
English Grammar for Elementary and Improvers by Mukwaya, Faisal, Dichiru, S... ISBN: 9781515352334 List Price: $13.28
A Biographical History of English Literature, Being an Elementary Introduction to the Greate... by Morell, John Daniel, John D... ISBN: 9781330985953 List Price: $19.57
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Combo a with Online Assessment by Doff, Adrian, Thaine, Craig... ISBN: 9781316601228 List Price: $45.00
Cambridge English Empower Elementary Combo B with Online Assessment by Doff, Adrian, Thaine, Craig... ISBN: 9781316601235 List Price: $45.00
Pollo, Pollo, Lets Learn the German Alphabet Pre-school / Elementary School Classroom Stud... by Divine, Grace, Grace Divine ISBN: 9781517727925 List Price: $14.00
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