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There are people out there who will tell you that art can't be learned from a book, that it must be felt from within. These people tend to create really horrible works of art, because they fail to take note of the lessons that have been learned from centuries of people perfecting the craft. Art textbooks teach the finer points of these lessons. Whether you are learning about art history, discovering how certain works of art reflected the times that they were created in, or studying various techniques of art creation, these text books will help you appreciate art's more subtle influences, which in turn makes you a better artist. When you rent art textbooks, you save money over purchasing them, which allows you to focus on more important things, like supplies and pizza. Art students who rent textbooks are able to return their books once class is over. This makes textbook rental a convenient and affordable way to obtain the art textbooks needed for class without going over budget.

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Art A Brief History by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780131955417 List Price: $99.60
Janson's History of Art Portable Edition Book 1: The Ancient World (8th Edition) (Myartslab) by Penelope J.E. Davies, Walte... ISBN: 9780205161102 List Price: $99.60
Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology by Preziosi, Donald ISBN: 9780199229840 List Price: $27.95
Art History Portabl Bk1&2&3&4&5&6& Myartkit by Unknown ISBN: 9780205776320 List Price: $143.52
Art History: A View of the West, Volume 1 (3rd Edition) by Stokstad, Marilyn, Frank, P... ISBN: 9780131566101 List Price: $125.00
Janson's History of Art Volume 2 Enhanced Edition Plus NEW MyArtsLab for Art History -- Acce... by Hofrichter, Frima Fox, Jaco... ISBN: 9780134127163 List Price: $173.67
Janson's History of Art Volume 1 Enhanced Edition Plus NEW MyArtsLab for Art History -- Acce... by Hofrichter, Frima Fox, Jaco... ISBN: 9780134127187 List Price: $173.67
Janson's History of Art The Western Tradition by Roberts, Ann M., Davies, Pe... ISBN: 9780131934689 List Price: $127.40
Understanding Art A Concise History by Fichner-Rathus, Lois ISBN: 9780495104926 List Price: $73.95
Art History Portable, Book 2: Medieval Art (4th Edition) (Art History Portable Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael W... ISBN: 9780205790920 List Price: $90.00
Critical Perspectives on Art History by John C. McEnroe Ph.D., Debo... ISBN: 9780130405951 List Price: $67.00
Art History volume 1, Books a la Carte Plus NEW MyArtsLab with eText -- Access Card Package ... by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205938476 List Price: $129.33
American Art: A Cultural History by David Bjelajac, King Pu Lau... ISBN: 9780131455801 List Price: $178.20
Likeness and Presence A History of the Image Before the Era of Art by Belting, Hans, Jephcott, Ed... ISBN: 9780226042152 List Price: $54.00
History of Modern Art Painting Sculpture Architecture Photography by Kalb, Peter, Arnason, H. H. ISBN: 9780131840690 List Price: $122.40
Art History Portables Book 5 (5th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205873807 List Price: $69.00
History of Modern Art Volume II (7th Edition) by H. H. Arnason, Elizabeth C.... ISBN: 9780205259496 List Price: $101.60
Art History, Vol. 1, 3rd Edition by Marilyn Stokstad ISBN: 9780131743205 List Price: $143.80
Modern Architecture (Oxford History of Art) by Alan Colquhoun ISBN: 9780192842268 List Price: $27.95
European Architecture 1750-1890 (Oxford History of Art) by Barry Bergdoll ISBN: 9780192842220 List Price: $27.95
History of Modern Art (Hard cover) (6th Edition) by H. H. Arnason, Elizabeth C.... ISBN: 9780205673674 List Price: $164.40
Barron's Ap Art History 2008 by Nici, John B. ISBN: 9780764137372 List Price: $16.99
The Expanding Discourse: Feminism And Art History (Icon Editions) by Unknown ISBN: 9780064302074 List Price: $65.00
Art: A Brief History, Books a la Carte Edition (5th Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, Michael C... ISBN: 9780205202041 List Price: $116.67
Looking and Writing A Guide for Art History Students by Wyman, Marilyn ISBN: 9780130983596 List Price: $35.20
The Changing Status of the Artist (Art and Its Histories Series) by Unknown ISBN: 9780300077421 List Price: $32.00
Art History, Volume 2, Books a la Carte Edition by Stokstad, Stokstad, Marilyn... ISBN: 9780205795581 List Price: $114.00
Art and Its Histories A Reader by Edwards, Steve ISBN: 9780300077445 List Price: $21.00
A History of Roman Art by Fred S. Kleiner ISBN: 9780534638467 List Price: $177.95
Art of War in World History From Antiquity to the Nuclear Age by Challand, GĂ©rard ISBN: 9780520079649 List Price: $55.00
History of Italian Renaissance Art Painting, Sculpture, Architecture by Hartt, Frederick, Wilkins, ... ISBN: 9780131882478 List Price: $136.20
How to Read World History in Art: From the Code of Hammurabi to September 11 by Febbraro, Flavio, Shwetje, ... ISBN: 9780810996830 List Price: $35.00
Art History Portable Edition Book 4 by Stokstad, Marilyn ISBN: 9780136054078 List Price: $75.40
Art in Oceania: A New History by Peter Brunt, Nicholas Thomas ISBN: 9780300190281 List Price: $110.00
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