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Anthropology is the study of human beings. When you study anthropology, you're figuring out why humans are built the way we are built, why we behave the way we do, and why the different cultures of the world develop the way they do. If you and your friends have ever sat around wondering why the opposite sex acts so weird, you probably didn't realize it, but you were discussing anthropology. Anthropology textbooks cover a wide range of subjects. There are text books dealing with the field as a whole, as well as those that covers specialized fields. For example, cultural anthropology studies variations between cultures, like why Australians love Vegemite when everyone else would rather eat a shoe. Rent anthropology textbooks on social anthropology to study the behavior of humans in groups, like why your boyfriend is sweet when it's just the two of you, but turns into an animal around his friends. Textbook rental from us is easy and convenient. There's no need to worry about selling the book when you're done. Rent textbooks in anthropology today, and you will be prepared to learn why everyone around you is so strange tomorrow.

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Studyguide for Human Culture: Highlights of Cultural Anthropology by Ember, Carol R., ISBN 9... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews ISBN: 9781497068544 List Price: $32.95
Studyguide for Cultural Anthropology in a Globalizing World by Miller, Barbara D., ISBN 9780... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews ISBN: 9781497068551 List Price: $34.95
Studyguide for Cultural Anthropology in a Globalizing World by Miller, Barbara D., ISBN 9780... by Cram101 Textbook Reviews ISBN: 9781497068568 List Price: $34.95
Anthropology of Star Trek: exploring core cultural concepts by Frazetti, Daryl, Daryl G. F... ISBN: 9781535110389 List Price: $29.95
Cultural Anthropology: Journal of the Society for Cultural Anthropology (Volume 31, Number 2... by Boyer, Dominic, Faubion, Ja... ISBN: 9781931303545 List Price: $12.95
Food Hygiene and Applied Food Microbiology in an Anthropological Cross Cultural Perspective by Zaccheo, Aleardo, Palmaccio... ISBN: 9783319449739 List Price: $54.99
Ministry in Diversity : Applied Cultural Anthropology in a Multicultural World by Munson, Robert ISBN: 9781523209101 List Price: $12.99
Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge by Haviland, William A., Prins... ISBN: 9781305633797 List Price: $261.95
Bundle: Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective, 10th + CourseMate Access Code by Ferraro, Gary, Gary Ferraro ISBN: 9781285992723 List Price: $274.95
Reflecting on America: Anthropological Views of U.S. Culture by Boulanger, Clare ISBN: 9781629583693 List Price: $39.95
Anthropologies of Guayana : Cultural Spaces in Northeastern Amazonia by Whitehead, Neil L., Alem�n,... ISBN: 9780816533619
Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology by Balzani, Marzia, Besnier, Niko ISBN: 9781138829121 List Price: $44.95
REVEL for Cultural Anthropology -- Access Code Card by Miller, Barbara ISBN: 9780134419558 List Price: $79.27
Core Concepts in Cultural Anthropology by Lavenda, Robert H., Schultz... ISBN: 9780190459727 List Price: $49.95
Design Anthropology : Object Culture in the 21st Century by Clarke, Alison ISBN: 9781474259033
REVEL for Cultural Anthropology in a Globalizing World -- Access Card by Miller, Barbara ISBN: 9780134458380 List Price: $79.27
Cultural Anthropology (8th Edition) by Miller, Barbara, Barbara Mi... ISBN: 9780134419077 List Price: $220.80
Anthropology: Race, Language, Culture, Psychology, Pre-history by Kroeber, A. l. 1876-1960, A... ISBN: 9781342262899 List Price: $33.95
Design Anthropology : Object Culture in the 21st Century by Clarke, Alison ISBN: 9781474259040
Cultural Anthropology, Books a la Carte Edition by Miller, Barbara ISBN: 9780134419640 List Price: $144.00
Bundle: Essentials of Cultural Anthropology, 2nd + Anthropology Resource Center Printed Acce... by Bailey, Bailey, Garrick, Pe... ISBN: 9781111485504 List Price: $120.95
Essays in Cultural Anthropology by Olagunju, Olajide ISBN: 9781521118504
Cultural Anthropology Readings by Edited by Elvio Angeloni ISBN: 9781308045092
Cultural Anthropology University of Toldeo by Richard L. Warms, Serena Nanda ISBN: 9780495037392
Exploring Cultural Anthropology by Canada, Keri ISBN: 9781524933203 List Price: $64.00
Cultural Change from a Business Anthropology Perspective by McCabe, Maryann, McCabe, Ma... ISBN: 9781498544511
Psychological Anthropology; Approaches to Culture and Personality by Hsu, Francis L. K. ISBN: 9781974303908 List Price: $31.99
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