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Anthropology is the study of human beings. When you study anthropology, you're figuring out why humans are built the way we are built, why we behave the way we do, and why the different cultures of the world develop the way they do. If you and your friends have ever sat around wondering why the opposite sex acts so weird, you probably didn't realize it, but you were discussing anthropology. Anthropology textbooks cover a wide range of subjects. There are text books dealing with the field as a whole, as well as those that covers specialized fields. For example, cultural anthropology studies variations between cultures, like why Australians love Vegemite when everyone else would rather eat a shoe. Rent anthropology textbooks on social anthropology to study the behavior of humans in groups, like why your boyfriend is sweet when it's just the two of you, but turns into an animal around his friends. Textbook rental from us is easy and convenient. There's no need to worry about selling the book when you're done. Rent textbooks in anthropology today, and you will be prepared to learn why everyone around you is so strange tomorrow.

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Reflecting on America: Anthropological Views of U.S. Culture by Clare L. Boulanger ISBN: 9780205481439 List Price: $57.80
Cultural Anthropology - An Applied Perspective by Gary/ Andreatta, Susan Ferraro ISBN: 9781111633196 List Price: $156.95
Cultural Anthropology by Ember, Carol R., Ember, Melvin ISBN: 9780132197335 List Price: $133.40
Telecourse Study Guide for Haviland/Prins/McBride/Walrath's Cultural Anthropology: the Human... by Haviland, William A., Prins... ISBN: 9781285053882 List Price: $95.95
Talking About People Readings in Contemporary Cultural Anthropology by Haviland, William A., Gordo... ISBN: 9780072994810 List Price: $57.81
Cultural Anthropology (2nd Edition) by Nancy Bonvillain ISBN: 9780205685097 List Price: $167.40
Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge by William A. Haviland, Harald... ISBN: 9781133955979 List Price: $150.95
Human Culture: Highlights of Cultural Anthropology Plus NEWMyAnthroLab with eText -- Access ... by Carol R. Ember, Melvin R. E... ISBN: 9780205924783 List Price: $110.27
National Geographic Learning Reader: Cultural Anthropology by Unknown ISBN: 9781285050263 List Price: $33.95
Western Apache Language and Culture Essays in Linguistic Anthropology by Blackwell, Laird, Basso, K. ISBN: 9780816513239 List Price: $17.95
The Tapestry of Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by Abraham Rosman, Paula G. Rubel ISBN: 9780070539556 List Price: $36.75
New Testament World Insights from Cultural Anthropology by Malina, Bruce J. ISBN: 9780664222956 List Price: $30.00
Native Religions and Cultures of North America Anthropology of the Sacred by Sullivan, Lawrence ISBN: 9780826414861 List Price: $21.95
Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology, Books a la Carte Edition (14th E... by James Spradley Late, David ... ISBN: 9780205250431 List Price: $59.33
Anthropology in Public Health: Bridging Differences in Culture and Society by Hahn, Robert A., Inborn, Ma... ISBN: 9780195374643 List Price: $49.95
Doing Cultural Anthropology: Projects for Ethnographic Data Collection by Michael V. Angrosino ISBN: 9781577664642 List Price: $19.95
Language, Culture, and Society: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology by Zdenek Salzmann, James Stan... ISBN: 9780813345406 List Price: $50.00
Cultural Anthropology by Nanda, Serena, Warms, Richa... ISBN: 9781133948667 List Price: $164.95
The Tapestry of Culture: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology by Rosman, Abraham, Rubel, Pau... ISBN: 9780759111394 List Price: $54.95
Explorations in Cultural Anthropology: A Reader by Unknown ISBN: 9780759109537 List Price: $39.95
Picturing Culture Explorations of Film and Anthropology by Ruby, Jay ISBN: 9780226730998 List Price: $25.00
Taking Sides Clashing Views in Cultural Anthropology by Welsch, Robert L., Endicott... ISBN: 9780073043968 List Price: $34.75
Economies And Cultures Foundations of Economic Anthropology by Wilk, Richard R., Cliggett,... ISBN: 9780813343655 List Price: $32.00
Introducing Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective by Brian M. Howell, Jenell Wil... ISBN: 9780801038877 List Price: $29.99
Anthropology As Cultural Critique An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences by Marcus, George E., Fischer,... ISBN: 9780226504506 List Price: $18.00
Cultural Anthropology Adaptations, Structures, And Meanings by Haines, David W. ISBN: 9780131915763 List Price: $52.20
Cultural Anthropology: Global Forces, Local Lives by Jack David Eller ISBN: 9780415485395 List Price: $72.95
Cultural Anthropology by Miller, Barbara D. ISBN: 9780205683291 List Price: $137.20
Cultural Anthropology by Schultz, Emily A., Lavenda,... ISBN: 9780195338508 List Price: $89.95
Religion and Culture An Introduction to Anthropology of Religion by De Waal Malefijt, Annemarie ISBN: 9780881334838 List Price: $31.95
Culture, Biology, and Anthropological Demography by Roth, Eric Abella, Caldwell... ISBN: 9780521005418 List Price: $33.99
Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology by Ferraro, Gary P. ISBN: 9780534612726 List Price: $38.95
Field Ethnography A Manual for Doing Cultural Anthropology by Kutsche, Paul ISBN: 9780138894528 List Price: $37.33
Applying Cultural Anthropology An Introductory Reader by Podolefsky, Aaron, Brown, P... ISBN: 9780072564259
Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology (12th Edition) (MyAnthroKit Series) by James Spradley, David W. Mc... ISBN: 9780205449705 List Price: $57.20
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