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Algebra textbooks are the key that opens the door to a world where letters are really numbers, and things only get more interesting after that. Algebra was first studied in the Middle East in the 8th century, and has expanded to several specialized fields, from the elementary algebra taught in high school to algebraic combinatorics, which is almost as hard to say as it is to fully understand. When you rent algebra textbooks, you are solving your own equation: Money - less money for books = more money for other things. Text books in algebra cover a wide range of subjects, such as algebraic geometry, which uses algebra theory to solve problems of geometry. They may also teach specialized subjects like algebraic number theory, linear algebra, or universal algebra. Rent textbooks on these subjects or any other field, and save money over purchasing them from a university bookstore. Textbook rental also guarantees that you can return the book when you're done with it. Whether you're talking about Euclidean space or Banach space, you don't have to worry about your algebra textbooks taking up space when you're done with them when you rent them from us.

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Math 10: Pre Algebra (Pre Albebra Oxnard College) by Jaime Vlair ISBN: 9780558341312
PRE Algebra Prentice Hall Mathematics by Stephanie McCullough ISBN: 9780132503754
McGraw Hill Kentucky Pre Algebra TE by Various ISBN: 9780078885242
PRE-ALGEBRA STUDY NTBK (TAE) by Glencoe McGraw ISBN: 9780078907494
Pre Algebra by Sherri Messersmith, Lawrenc... ISBN: 9781259131691
Contemporary Number Power: Pre-Algebra by Unknown ISBN: 9780076592357
Basic Math and Pre-Algebra for Dummies by Zegarelli, Mark, Mark Zegar... ISBN: 9781119173816 List Price: $41.99
Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book : Jms071 by Jms071 ISBN: 9780740322440 List Price: $32.95
Basic Math and Pre-Algebra For Dummies by Zegarelli, Mark, Mark Zegar... ISBN: 9781119293637 List Price: $19.99
Instructional Texts Pre-Algebra Worksheets by Lincoln Learning Solutions ISBN: 9781683793298
Instructional Texts Pre-Algebra Read It by Lincoln Learning Solutions ISBN: 9781683793274
Instructional Texts Pre-Algebra Show It by Lincoln Learning Solutions ISBN: 9781683793281
Pre-algebra Proverbs: Mathacrostics by Jay Waggoner ISBN: 9780984398317
Glencoe Pre-Algebra Tennessee Teachers Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9780078957765
Glencoe Pre-Algebra Tennessee Teacher Edition by Multiple ISBN: 9780078668562
Pre Algebra Workbook 6th Grade: Exponents (Baby Professor Learning Books) by Baby Professor ISBN: 9781682800485 List Price: $9.42
Pre-Algebra Teacher Wraparound Edition/Mississippi Edition by Glencoe/McGraw Hill ISBN: 9780078784880
Pre-Algebra : And the Tools of Algebra by Publications, Digital, Gent... ISBN: 9781520862408
Preparing a Pre-Requisite Test in Algebra. Construction and Tryout by Mistry, Hemendra, Kothari, ... ISBN: 9783656985266 List Price: $53.90
Holt Pre-Algebra : Student's Edition CD-ROM 2005 by Holt Rinehart and Winston ISBN: 9780030396823 List Price: $78.80
Holt Mcdougal Larson Pre-Algebra : Practice Workbook Teacher's Guide by Holt McDougal ISBN: 9780547614731 List Price: $75.00
Holt Mcdougal Larson Pre-Algebra : Teacher's Notetaking Guide by Holt McDougal ISBN: 9780547614489 List Price: $34.70
Holt Mcdougal Larson Math Indiana : Student Edition Pre-Algebra 2011 by Holt McDougal ISBN: 9780547332765 List Price: $84.50
Holt Mcdougal Pre-Algebra Florida : Hometutor CD-ROM by Holt McDougal ISBN: 9780547250571 List Price: $34.13
McDougal Littell Middle School Math West Virginia : Planning Guide Pre-Algebra by McDougal Littel ISBN: 9780618601585 List Price: $13.45
McDougal Littell Middle School Math Ohio : Test Preparation Booklet Pre-Algebra by McDougal Littel ISBN: 9780618607020 List Price: $4.70
McDougal Littell Middle School Math West Virginia : Test Prep Pre-Algebra by McDougal Littel ISBN: 9780618601707 List Price: $4.50
McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra Oklahoma : Test Prep Answer Key Pre-Algebra by McDougal Littel ISBN: 9780618493647 List Price: $30.30
Pre-algebra Second Edition: Ideal for Independent practice! by Alibarre, Abdulaziz, Abdula... ISBN: 9781542313711 List Price: $13.00
Pre-Algebra : Tall Tale Math Book by Hoover Simpson, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781587763465 List Price: $14.95
Pre-Algebra Bingo by Stark, Rebecca ISBN: 9781587764875 List Price: $19.95
Pre-Algebra Grade 6-8 Workbook | Children's Algebra Books by Baby Iq Builder Books ISBN: 9781683747406 List Price: $9.43
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