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Emily G

Speedy delivery and great condition! Very pleased

Jean P

The book was delivered on time and ion great shape.

Casey L

Said it was supposed to have free returns. Well my class was cancelled so I went to return it. Was going to cost almost as much as I paid in rental fees to do so. Plus, they charge a restocking fee.

Baldemar F
Jack H

You sent me the wrong book. I have yet to return it. Please let me know how to return my order.

Aryn K

This will most likely be the last visit for this book. The pages are falling out :-/ It already had some packing.tape holding a few pages in tact. Ill most likely be adding the same kind band aid.

Ashley T

This seller sent me the wrong textbook, and did not respond to either my email or ValoreBooks' email when asked about sending the correct textbook.

Gloria R
Megan J

It was in great condition! I personally don’t mind highliting in books, so it was no issue. There wasn’t any water damage or missing pages, and the cover wasn’t torn/bent. I’m very happy with my book

Taylor C

Pages 5-6 were missing from this book

eric e

book was in good condition

Lisa W
Rachel E

The book was shipped in a plastic essentially bag from the Post Office. Because of the lack of bubble wrap or padding of some sort the book was damaged in shipping. Book works fine. It's just cosmetic

Chloe S
Gabrielle L

Should've mentioned the book wasn't going to be hard back nor paper back and the quality of the book sucked. Also you don't know how to respond back to comments so I'm not getting books from you again

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