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Alexandra G

I never received the item and contacted the company for a refund and never received one.

Joe l

I have not received my order. It has been a month. I requested a refund and have no received that either.

Kristy T

I have not received this item and am still waiting on my refund because I had to buy it somewhere else.

Debbie M

I received the wrong book and emailed about it with no response.

shaquna d

Did not receive my book!

Rayen G

Even though I had contacted the seller and never got a reply, the book came right on time and was wrapped in plastic and clearly brand new. It had exactly as described and I saved an incredible $300+!

Jeannette L

Book cover in great condition but not as described.

Jana I

I ordered the International Edition and it was exactly as described by the seller. Differences were cosmetic (front cover picture is not the same, softcover, paper quality).

Casey A

Order never showed up. No response from seller after several inquiries. No tracking number, took a long time to get a refund. Terrible experience, never again.

lanetta w

i received my order not in the time needed but around 2 weeks later and then it was the wrong edition which i did not see on there when i ordered i still have the code

Thad J

The book I actually got was a previous version of the book shown in the pic... Which WAS the one I wanted!!! I have spoken with costumer service on this issue and still and waiting for a refund!!!!

Giovanna B

I don't think I can ever trust this website again after what this seller did. The only thing I can say is that customer service is really helpful. BUt this seller cannot be trusted!

Latasha T

I order this book with expedited shipping. I received my book 13 days later after I reported them to the company. Once I received the book it was lacking items that were supposed to be included.

Michelle J

SOO unhappy with the service i experienced... ordered book w/ expedited shipping and 2 weeks plus later it is still not here.. WTF


This product did not work and I asked to be contacted by the seller and have not heard a thing. So I had to buy straight from the manufacturer and ended being cheaper. Have not received a refund .

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