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Benito S

Amazing book almost new I love it and needed it thank you! Shipping was fast as well!!!! 🙂

Lora B
jahrel r

I don't like the fact that once you place an order, if you notice an error has been made, it can't be corrected this creating a situation where you may have to reorder. This was the worst experience.

Katherine A
Dayna N

They "couldn't find" my book, despite telling me it's already been shipped. So I was refunded without an explanation a week later, and had to call to find out why. Terrible customer service.

Lorraine D

Unfortunately, I was sent a message stating my book had been shipped. Then a couple of days later, I noticed that I had a refund for this order with no explanation of what happened.

Renn O

Item was in average condition at best, not good.

Barbara L

Excellent condition and speedy delivery

Dana B

Great shape

Danelys P

Very good condition, almost brand new! Came in only a couple days!

Doo K

product was not in stock. item never delivered. waited for nothing without even a notice. just wasted my time. terrible service

Rae D

Great service - book was in good condition and arrived quickly

Katie C
Brenda C

I received confirmation it was shipped and a few days later was sent an email stating that my account was being credited and the book was being taken back. Horrible service will never use you again

Natalie E

Brand New!

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