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Jon C

good condition

Alexis H

I was not very pleased with my order because the textbook arrived 3 weeks after I had placed my order. So by the time I got the book, the quarter was already almost done.

Gary P

Wrote the very next day after ordering to cancel order. Vendor responded with ok and if you see a charge it should be reimbursed in 2-3 business days. Well guess what got charged and book still made h

Amber B

Seller sent the wrong edition of the book, provided incorrect tracking information, and didn't process my refund (Valore Books ended up handling that for me and provided excellent customer service).

Anne-Marie L
Marc L

Great condition. Arrived fast.

Jennifer L

I never got my book, but I did get a refund. They said they listed the wrong book, but didn't tell me they didn't have it until I inquired after it hadn't showed up weeks later. It cost $600.

Emily W

Had problems receiving my book then returned the book because it came too late and I am still waiting on the money refund after weeks.

Rolando L
Paisleigh T

The book is in decent shape, however, the seller could have at least removed the $6.99 GoodwillBooks sticker off of the book they just sold me for $80.

Kara A

Excellent condition, fast delivery

Jeff S

The book was fine but fortunately my instructor is not using it because this seller had it EXTREMELY OVERPRICED! on the up-side I did get a refund.

Kathrine W
Amanda H
kenny r

Item description says package deal with solutuions manual. they are liars. all I received was the text book. so I asked them where my solutions manual is and they sorry not included. THATS IT HORRIBLE

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