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  • Murray, KY
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Markeba W

Received quickly, no issues

Pat D

Took a long time to receive but arrived in stated condiion

Luis R

Book was better than expected at a great price. Thanks,

Daniel J

book received on time in very good condition and complete with no content missing. A great buy!!

Bryan M
sophia c

ok same book have some torn pages but will do the job, so thank you

Sean G

The book is in worse condition than I imagined (the bindings are coming undone). I can make it work, however.

Fathima R

It took a little bit more time to arrive than i excepted, but overall im happy with the transaction

Chandra W

The wrong book was sent. I was able to borrow the current version from my school. I will not be using this website again.

Aaron D

shipped on time and showed up early

Benjamin R

This does not go against the seller however I had my book sent expedited thinking it would be here in two to three days however I did not get the book till 7 days later, 4 days past start of class.

Svetlana M

I have not received the book yet, it has been over a month

zhiqiang l

very good

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