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jewels H

Do not expect to get your course material on time. Actually if you proceed to order with this seller make sure you order at least a month in advance. Because you will be out of luck.

Zachary B

Contacted seller 2 different times and no response. As I need to return the book - it is not needed any longer. Need a response on how to return w/o a restocking fee

April B

Never recieved book but it was due to zip code error but was refunded promptly.

Daniel B

Book came fast and in great condition

Tamara F

Gave no update on order of book after several weeks. I was refunded but given no reason why my book was never delivered.

Madison B

Although I received my refund, I never received my book. If you're looks to get this textbook in a timely manner, go to Amazon. This was the cheaper route for me but now I still don't have the book.

Madelon D

The cover came a little ripped on the corner.

Jaida B

terrible experience from valore

Angela H
Jayda R

I have not received my books. I sent you an email regarding my tracking code and I was sent back an email that it has been possibly delivered. Where are my books I need then for class

Tara T
Jose F

Fast shipping book as described

Sharon F

I did not want a loose-leaf book. When I placed my order, nothing indicated that I'd get a loose-leaf version, held together with rubber bands. My emails to the firm were ignored. You lost a customer.

Rosa S

Shipping was a little slow

Elizabeth C

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