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Faculty Participation in Decision Making: Necessity or Luxury? by Floyd, Carol E., Fife, Jona... ISBN: 9780913317273 List Price: $10.00
Burnout: The New Academic Disease by Guzman, Rafael M. de, Melen... ISBN: 9780913317082 List Price: $7.50
National Review of Scholastic Achievement in General Education How Are We Doing & Why Should... by Osterlind, Steven J., Fife,... ISBN: 9781878380807 List Price: $29.00
Opportunity from Strength Strategic Planning Clarified With Case Examples by Cope, Robert G., Fife, Jona... ISBN: 9780913317433 List Price: $18.75
Employee Educational Programs Implications for Industry and Higher Education by Morse, Suzanne W., Fife, Jo... ISBN: 9780913317167 List Price: $7.50
Entrepreneurship and Higher Education Lessons for Colleges University's and Industry Lessons... by Fairweather, James S., Fife... ISBN: 9780913317501 List Price: $18.75
Faculty Recruitment, Retention and Fair Employment Obligations and Opportunities by Waggaman, John S., Fife, Jo... ISBN: 9780913317013 List Price: $7.50
Faculty Freedoms and Institutional Accountability Interactions and Conflicts by Olswang, Steven G., Lee, Ba... ISBN: 9780913317143 List Price: $26.00
Formal Recognition of Employer-Sponsered Instruction Conflict and Collegiality in Postsecond... by Nash, Nancy S., Hawthorne, ... ISBN: 9780913317372 List Price: $18.75
Instituting Enduring Innovations Achieving Continuity of Change in Higher Education by Curry, Barbara K., Fife, Jo... ISBN: 9781878380203 List Price: $26.00
Meeting the Challenges Developing Faculty Careers by Brookes, Michael C., German... ISBN: 9780913317020 List Price: $7.50
High School - College Partnerships Conceptual Models, Programs and Issues by Greenberg, Arthur R., Fife,... ISBN: 9781878380104 List Price: $24.00
Higher Education and State Governments Renewed Partnership Cooperation or Competition by Hines, Edward R., Fife, Jon... ISBN: 9780913317471 List Price: $24.00
Higher Education Leadership Enhancing Skills Through Professional Development Programs by McDade, Sharon A., Fife, Jo... ISBN: 9780913317402 List Price: $24.00
Postsecondary Developmental Programs A Traditional Agenda With New Imperatives by Tomlinson, Louise M., Fife,... ISBN: 9780962388224 List Price: $24.00
Preparing for a Global Community Achieving an International Perspective in Higher Education by Pickert, Sarah M., Fife, Jo... ISBN: 9781878380159 List Price: $29.00
Collaborative Peer Review The Role of Faculty in Improving College Teaching by Keig, Larry, Waggoner, Mich... ISBN: 9781878380586 List Price: $29.00
College, the Constitution, and the Consumer Student Implicatins for Policy and Practice by Hendrickson, Robert M., Gib... ISBN: 9780913317341 List Price: $24.00
Students in Urban Settings Achieving the Baccalaureate Degree by Richardson, Richard C., Jr.... ISBN: 9780913317259 List Price: $24.00
Student-As-Commuter Developing a Comprehensive Institutional Response by Jacoby, Barbara C., Fife, J... ISBN: 9780962388262 List Price: $24.00
Selecting College and University Personnel The Quest and the Questions/Report #8 by Kaplowitz, Richard A., Fife... ISBN: 9780913317358 List Price: $24.00
Serving Learners at a Distance A Guide to Program Practices by Feasley, Charles E., Fife, ... ISBN: 9780913317044 List Price: $24.00
Social Consciousness and Career Awareness Emerging Link in Higher Education by Swift, John S., Jr., Fife, ... ISBN: 9781878380050 List Price: $24.00
Realizing Gender Equality in Higher Education The Need to Integrate Work-Family Issues by Hensel, Nancy, Fife, Jonath... ISBN: 9781878380074 List Price: $24.00
The High-Technology Connection : Academic/Industrial Cooperation for Economic Growth by Johnson, Lynn G., Fife, Jon... ISBN: 9780913317150 List Price: $7.50
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