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The Dynamics of the Upper Ocean by Phillips, O. M., Ablowitz, ... ISBN: 9780521298018 List Price: $34.50
Over My Left Shoulder: A Panorama of Men and Events, Burlesques and Tragedies, Cabbages and ... by Davis, Robert H., Cobb, Irv... ISBN: 9780548023532 List Price: $48.95
Mortgage Of The Boston, Hartford And Erie Railroad Company To R. H. Berdell, D. S. Gregory A... by Hartford Boston Erie Railro... ISBN: 9781120649423 List Price: $15.95
Narrative of the North Polar Expedition: U. S. Ship Polaris, Captain Charles Francis Hall Co... by Robeson, G. M., Davis, C. H. ISBN: 9781432532987 List Price: $52.95
Sacred Animal Necropolis at North Saqqara The Main Temple Complex the Archaeological Report by Davies, Sue, Smith, H. S., ... ISBN: 9780856981708 List Price: $180.00
Key Topics in Gastroenterology by Dalton, H. R., Anderson, S.... ISBN: 9781859962817 List Price: $99.95
Centres of Plant Diversity :A Guide and Strategy for Their Conservation :Europe, Africa, Sou... by Davis, S. D., Heywood, V. H... ISBN: 9782831701974 List Price: $60.00
Interactive Dynamics of Convection and Solidification by Davis, S. H. ISBN: 9780792319108 List Price: $247.00
Introduction to Symmetry Analysis by Cantwell, Brian J., Ablowit... ISBN: 9780521771832 List Price: $212.10
Mr. Stanley of Estes Park by Pickering, James H., Davis,... ISBN: 9781886727069 List Price: $29.95
Female Preacher Memoir of Salome Lincoln, Afterwards the Wife of Elder Junia S. Mowry by Davis, Almond H. ISBN: 9780405044892 List Price: $17.95
Onward and Upward: A Biography of Katharine S. White by Davis, Linda H. ISBN: 9780880641098 List Price: $11.95
Blue Angel Ornament by Schneider, Richard H., Davi... ISBN: 9780687081813 List Price: $17.00
Blue Angel Ornament by Schneider, Richard H., Davi... ISBN: 9780687095711 List Price: $6.99
Victims of the Miracle - Shelton H. Davis - Hardcover by Davis, S. H. ISBN: 9780521217385 List Price: $39.50
COBOL: An Introduction to Structured Logic and Modular Program Design by Davis, William S., Fisher, ... ISBN: 9780201014310 List Price: $31.25
Heart Failure in Practice by Lip, Gregory Y. H., Chin, B... ISBN: 9781853154874 List Price: $32.50
Forensic Pathology Scientific Death Investigation, 47th Annual Anatomic Pathology Slide Semi... by Petty, Charles S., Davis, J... ISBN: 9780891891758 List Price: $28.00
Frontiers in Fluid Mechanics A Collection of Research Papers Written in Commemoration of the... by Davis, S. H., Lumley, John L. ISBN: 9780387153612 List Price: $78.00
Hypertension by Davis, James O., Laragh, Jo... ISBN: 9780913800072 List Price: $18.95
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