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Organized crime is a powerful subject, which is why we have an equally powerful selection of pre-owned organized crime textbooks for use by college students. Available to buy or rent, it's your choice. You can learn about the history of organized crime and find out more about the biggest public enemies who have reigned in the past. Buy organized crime textbooks online from our marketplace today and take advantage of literally hundreds of titles. Look out for Biker Gangs and Organized Crime and Beyond the Mafia, to name just two titles. Get a global view or zero in on America, depending on your course requirements. You can sell your organized crime books back to us too if you like, making money from every sale we accept. Buy it, rent it or sell it - it's up to you, but we give you plenty of choice and lots of titles to choose from. Educate yourself on the topic today and bolster your college course with discounted textbooks.

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Situational Prevention of Organised Crimes by Clarke, Ronald V., Tilley, ... ISBN: 9780415628037
Organized Crime by Rhodes, Robert P. ISBN: 9780075544524 List Price: $16.95
Advanced Introduction to Organised Crime by Holmes, L. ISBN: 9781783471942 List Price: $99.95
Advanced Introduction to Organised Crime by Holmes, Leslie ISBN: 9781783471959 List Price: $27.95
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