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Voyages in World History by Hansen, Valerie, Curtis, Ke... ISBN: 9780618077205 List Price: $158.95
Egeria's Travels by Wilkinson, John ISBN: 9780856687105 List Price: $36.00
Columbus and the New World (US) by Waring, Rob ISBN: 9781424043903
Gliding Across the Gobi (US) by Waring, Rob ISBN: 9781424043774
Teaching Adventure Education Theory - Best Practices by Stremba, Bob, Bisson, Chris... ISBN: 9780736071260 List Price: $52.00
Writing The Journey Essays, Stories, And Poems On Travel by Espey, David Baldwin ISBN: 9780321198167 List Price: $65.40
Schoolcraft's Narrative Journal of Travels by Schoolcraft, Henry R., Will... ISBN: 9780870133138 List Price: $35.00
Backroad Adventuring In Your Sport Utility Vehicle by Hanson, Jonathan, Hanson, R... ISBN: 9780071581868 List Price: $16.95
Traveling (Compass: Christian Explorations of Daily Living) by Rieger, Joerg ISBN: 9780800698492 List Price: $15.00
Amazing Traveler Isabella Bird by Kaye, Evelyn ISBN: 9780962623165 List Price: $19.95
First Settler of the New World The Vinland Expedition of Thorfinn Karlsefni by Kristjansson, Jonas ISBN: 9789979546504 List Price: $25.00
Back Pocket Adventure - Jim Grout - Paperback by Grout, Jim, Rohnke, Karl E.... ISBN: 9780536014191 List Price: $13.20
Drive Tourism: Trends and Emerging Markets (Advances in Tourism) by Carson, Dean, Prideaux, Bru... ISBN: 9780415491495 List Price: $145.00
Surviving Stunts and Other Amazing Feats by Catel, Patrick ISBN: 9781410939692
Equinos Travels by Equiano, Olaudah, Edwards, ... ISBN: 9780435900106 List Price: $10.95
Women Travellers In The Near East by Searight, Sarah ISBN: 9781842171615 List Price: $50.00
John Singleton's Grand Tour, 1815-1817 by Cole, Richard C. ISBN: 9780820406329 List Price: $38.95
Travel Writing : The Essential Guide by Fair, James ISBN: 9780719810688
Oxford Book of Australian Travel Writing by Pesman, Roslyn, Walker, Dav... ISBN: 9780195536409 List Price: $55.00
Schoolcraft's Narrative Journal of Travels by Schoolcraft, Henry R., Will... ISBN: 9780870133145 List Price: $19.95
Cruise of the Antarctic by Bull, Henric, Murdoch, W. G... ISBN: 9780950610443 List Price: $40.00
Maps Of Difference Canada, Women, And Travel by Roy, Wendy ISBN: 9780773528666 List Price: $49.95
Road to Jerusalem Pilgrimage and Travel in the Age of Discovery by Noonan, F. Thomas ISBN: 9780812239942 List Price: $59.95
Great Voyages of Discovery: Circumnavigators and Scientists, 1764-1843 by Brosse, Jacques ISBN: 9780816011018 List Price: $45.00
Contemporary Travel Writing of Latin America (Routledge Research in Travel Writing) by Lindsay, Claire ISBN: 9780415991216 List Price: $95.00
Joshua Slocum by Casey, Quentin ISBN: 9781771081429
Small Heart of Things : Being at Home in a Beckoning World by Hoffman, Julian ISBN: 9780820347578 List Price: $19.95
Voyages and Travels of Captains Ross, Parry, Franklin, and Mr Belzoni : Forming an Interesti... by Dennett, John Frederick ISBN: 9781108074933 List Price: $59.00
My Travels around the World by El Saadawi, Nawal ISBN: 9780749391225 List Price: $9.95
Travel Writing and Ethics: Theory and Practice (Routledge Research in Travel Writing) by Forsdick, Charles, Fowler, ... ISBN: 9780415995399 List Price: $95.00
Global Politics of Contemporary Travel Writing by Lisle, Debbie ISBN: 9781107405837 List Price: $36.00
Women on the Nile by Rees, Joan ISBN: 9780948695742 List Price: $37.95
Adventure Education A Bibliography by Thomas, Stephen E. ISBN: 9780962657306 List Price: $12.95
Staying Close to the River Reflections on Travel and Politics by Worpole, Ken ISBN: 9780853158202 List Price: $19.50
South by Coverley, Merlin ISBN: 9780857301390
Voyages in Childhood With Infotrac by Rathus, Spencer A. ISBN: 9780534528331 List Price: $74.95
Uberseegeschichte: Beitrage der jungeren Forschung. Festschrift anlaalich der Grundung der F... by Beck, Thomas, Schmitt, Eber... ISBN: 9783515074902 List Price: $80.00
Remnants of Conquest The Island Caribs and Their Visitors, 1877-1998 by Hulme, Peter ISBN: 9780198112150 List Price: $175.00
A Russian Paints America: The Travels of Pavel P. Svin'in, 1811-1813 by Swoboda, Marina, Svin'in, P... ISBN: 9780773534148 List Price: $59.95
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