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B&B is a hot topic in the travel industry. This business model is popular the world over, so it should not be a surprise to find you can buy cheap bed and breakfast textbooks to help you find out more about it. Look among our collection for titles such as Commercial Homes in Tourism: An International Perspective, not to mention Unofficial Guide to Bed and Breakfasts and Count Ry Inns in the Northwest. You'll learn plenty about this type of accommodation, whether it is for personal interest or for a college course delving into travel. Make sure you buy bed and breakfast textbooks online from our marketplace now and take advantage of the cheapest and most affordable prices you will get for these text books. Our buyback service also means you can sell your bed and breakfast books back if you want to, so you can get some cash on these deals.

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Commercial Homes in Tourism: An International Perspective by Lynch, Paul, Lynch, Paul, M... ISBN: 9780415470186
Annual Directory of American and Canadian Bed and Breakfast by Menges, Tracey ISBN: 9781558537774 List Price: $12.95
Bed and Breakfasts in Alaska : A Directory by Sherman, Mary, Roy, Skip, R... ISBN: 9780685493885 List Price: $12.95
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