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Do you have an interest in the Far East? If you want to buy cheap Far East textbooks and have been searching for somewhere affordable to buy them from, your search ends here. You can buy used Far East textbooks that reveal much about life and traveling in this part of the world, as you'll see below. Look for titles such as Taiwan Today; Open Gate Teaching in a Foreign Country: A Personal Account; Now Hiring: The American Job Opportunity in Asia, and many more besides. Some of our books can also be rented for a semester or a quarter if you wish, giving you the chance to borrow some copies for a shorter period of time. You can even sell your Far East books back to us if you buy now and then use our buyback service later on. It's all part of the service provided by Valore Books.

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Taiwan Today 3rd Edition by Teng, Shou-Hsin, Perry, Lo Sun ISBN: 9780887275647 List Price: $49.95
Taiwan by Crook, Steven ISBN: 9781784776220
Taiwan by Kennedy, Patrick J. ISBN: 9780929851877 List Price: $22.00
Korea by Child's World Staff, The ISBN: 9781592968909 List Price: $28.50
Now Hiring! : The American Job Opportunity in Asia by Progressive Media, Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781881199007
Mongol Journeys by Lattimore, Owen ISBN: 9780598502230 List Price: $114.10
Korea and Her Neighbours Hb by Bird ISBN: 9781138974081
South Korea by Rumpf, Dieter ISBN: 9780870523663 List Price: $11.95
South Korea by Nilsen, Robert, Haberle, Su... ISBN: 9780736852104
Open Gate Teaching in a Foreign Country - A Personal Account by Roerden, Chris ISBN: 9780962685934 List Price: $14.50
Japan and Corea by Loti ISBN: 9781138973534
Taipei : 60 Local Creatives Bring You the Best of the City by Viction Workshop Staff ISBN: 9789887774617
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