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The historical aspect of the railroads really is something to behold. If you want to rent history textbooks online on this subject, we're confident we can provide you with the best array of affordable text books you could ever choose from. We've got the likes of Railways of the Raj; West London Railway and the WLER; Wotton Tramway: Brill Branch, and Commuter Rail Issues, to name just a handful. You'll find many other pre-owned and discounted titles here too. In fact, it couldn't be easier to buy cheap history textbooks than it is when you rely on Valore Books to get the titles you need. Make sure you have a chance to get huge discounts of more than 50% on many of these books; some discounts go beyond 90%. Don't spend more than you have to: buy cheap history textbooks on the railway industry today and find out all the facts.

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Stalin's Railroad: Turksib and the Building of Socialism (Pitt Russian East European) by Payne, Matthew J. ISBN: 9780822985938 List Price: $28.95
Observation+partic.in Early Child.set. by Billman, Jean B., Sherman, ... ISBN: 9780205159932 List Price: $49.00
High Speed Rail in the U.S. Super Trains for the Millennium by Lynch, Thomas ISBN: 9789056996062 List Price: $64.95
Palace Car Prince: A Biography of George Mortimer Pullman by Leyendecker, Liston E. ISBN: 9780870813375 List Price: $17.50
Canadian Pacific Railway and the Development of Western Canada, 1896-1914 by Eagle, John A. ISBN: 9780773506749 List Price: $75.00
The Robber Barons and the Sherman Antitrust Act by McNeese, Tim ISBN: 9781604130089 List Price: $35.00
City of Steel and Fire A Social History of Atbara, Sudan's Railway Town, 1906-1984 by Sikainga, Ahmad Alawad ISBN: 9780325071060 List Price: $64.95
Urban Rail in America: An Exploration of Criteria for Fixed-Guideway Transit - Boris S. Push... by Pushkarev, Boris S., Zupan,... ISBN: 9780253375551 List Price: $27.50
Railroads of the 19th Century by Frey, Robert L. ISBN: 9780816020126 List Price: $108.90
Night Trains The Pullman System in the Golden Years of American Rail Travel by Maiken, Peter T. ISBN: 9780962148002 List Price: $49.95
Railways And International Politics Paths of Empire, 1848-1945 by Neilson, Keith ISBN: 9780415349765 List Price: $125.00
The New Economic History of the Railways by O'Brien, Patrick ISBN: 9780312566395
Life Along the South Manchurian Railroad The Memoirs of Ito Takeo by Fogel, Joshua A. ISBN: 9780873324656 List Price: $70.95
China, Railways and Agricultural Development, 1875-1935 by Liang, Ernest P. ISBN: 9780890651094 List Price: $10.00
Underground Railroad Grades 4-8 by Smith, Robert ISBN: 9781420632156 List Price: $8.99
Southern Railroad Man Conductor, N.J. Bell's Recollections of the Civil War Era by Bell, Nimrod J., Ward, Jame... ISBN: 9780875801841 List Price: $32.00
'railway Game by Lukasiewicz, Julius ISBN: 9780771099052 List Price: $29.95
Railroads in the Age of Regulation, 1900-1980 by Bryant, Keith L. ISBN: 9780816013715 List Price: $99.00
British Railways 1948-1973: A Business History by Gourvish, T. R. ISBN: 9780521264808 List Price: $140.00
Engines of Change The Railroads That Made India by Kerr, Ian J. ISBN: 9780275985646 List Price: $49.95
Michigan Railroads and Railroad Companies by Meints, Graydon M. ISBN: 9780870133183 List Price: $35.00
Railroad The Life Story Of A Technology by Grant, H. Roger ISBN: 9780313330797 List Price: $45.00
Unfinished Business: The Railroad in American Life by Klein, Maury ISBN: 9780874516579 List Price: $35.00
Paddington Station : Its History and Architecture by Brindle, Steven ISBN: 9781848020894
Regulation and Risk Occupational Health and Safety on the Railways by Hutter, Bridget M. ISBN: 9780199242504 List Price: $199.00
J. Edgar Thomson Master of the Pennsylvania by Ward, James A., Thomson, J.... ISBN: 9780313220951 List Price: $56.95
Underground Electric Haulage by Szklarski, L. ISBN: 9780080116631
Railroading in the Land of Infinite Variety A History of South Dakota's Railroads by Mills, Rick W. ISBN: 9780961532130 List Price: $19.95
The Louth, Mablethorpe, and Willoughby Loop (Locomotion Papers) by Ludlam, A. J. ISBN: 9780853613541 List Price: $39.00
Historic Railroad A Guide to Museums, Depots and Excursions in the United States by Norris, John R., Norris, Joann ISBN: 9780786400409 List Price: $32.50
Railroad Generalship : Foundations of Civil War Strategy by Gabel, Christopher R. ISBN: 9781437923094 List Price: $15.00
Shortline Railroads of Arkansas by Hull, Clifton E. ISBN: 9780944436004 List Price: $41.75
Great Northern Railway of Ireland by Patterson, E. M. ISBN: 9780853613435 List Price: $60.00
Home on the Rails Women, the Railroad, and the Rise of Public Domesticity by Richter, Amy G. ISBN: 9780807829264 List Price: $69.95
Guilford Five Years of Change by Hartley, Scott ISBN: 9780962154119 List Price: $30.00
Home on the Rails Women, the Railroad, and the Rise of Public Domesticity by Richter, Amy G. ISBN: 9780807855911 List Price: $26.95
Oahu's Narrow-Gauge Navy Rail by Livingston, Jeff ISBN: 9781467131971 List Price: $21.99
Wotton Tramway : Brill Branch by Jones, Ken ISBN: 9780853611493 List Price: $39.00
Cars of Pullman by Welsh, Joe, Howes, Bill, Ho... ISBN: 9780785832393
Rutland Road by Shaughnessy, Jim ISBN: 9780815604563 List Price: $39.95
Exploring Indian Railways by Aitken, Bill ISBN: 9780195631098 List Price: $26.00
Railroads and Rifles : Solders, Technology and the Unification of Germany by Showalter, Dennis E. ISBN: 9780208021373 List Price: $22.50
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