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Transportation is a huge area of interest for many people. If you want to buy general transportation textbooks online, we can provide literally hundreds of titles for you to choose from. Try looking through our affordable collection of pre-owned books today and see how many titles you're tempted by. For example, you can buy or rent Statistical and Economic Methods for Transportation Data Analysis; Transportation with InfoTrack; The Limits to Travel: How Far Will You Go?, and Public Transport: Its Planning, Management and Operation. When you buy used general transportation textbooks from Valore Books, you can be sure of getting the best array of affordable titles you will find anywhere. Make sure you seize the chance to sell your general transportation books back if you already own some and you are looking for a market to sell them in. Whatever you need, you can be sure Valore Books is here to help in whatever way we can.

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Automotive Chassis (6th Edition) by James D. Halderman ISBN: 9780132747752 List Price: $131.31
Far/aim 2013 by Jeppesen ISBN: 9780884875840
Chinese Space Policy : A Study in Domestic and International Politics by Handberg, Roger, Li, Zhen ISBN: 9780415646611
Far-M 2014 by Jeppesen ISBN: 9780884876113
Geography of Urban Transportation, Fourth Edition by Giuliano, Genevieve, Hanson... ISBN: 9781462529650 List Price: $75.00
Airport Management by Prather, C. Daniel ISBN: 9781619542099
Fundamentals of Purchasing and Supply Management by Price, Philip M., Harrison,... ISBN: 9781934231036 List Price: $45.00
Corvette - America's Star-Spangled Sports Car 1953-1982 by Ludvigsen, Karl ISBN: 9780837616599 List Price: $54.95
American Way of Bombing : Changing Ethical and Legal Norms, from B-17s to Drones by Evangelista, Matthew, Shue,... ISBN: 9780801479342
Performance Exhaust Systems : How to Design, Fabricate, and Install by Mavrigian, Mike ISBN: 9781613251041 List Price: $24.95
Unfare Solutions : Local Earmarked Charges to Fund Public Transport by Enoch, Marcus, Nijkamp, Pet... ISBN: 9780415652995
Airport Marketing by Halpern, Nigel, Graham, Ann... ISBN: 9780415529396 List Price: $65.95
Television at Large in South Asia by Punathambekar, Aswin, Kumar... ISBN: 9780415725460
Low Power to the People : Pirates, Protest, and Politics in FM Radio Activism by Dunbar-Hester, Christina ISBN: 9780262028127 List Price: $36.00
World the Railways Made : Wolmar's Railway Library by Faith, Nicholas, Wolmar, Ch... ISBN: 9781781858363
Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Classic Cars : The World's Most Famous and Fabulous Car... by Buckley, Martin, Rees, Chris ISBN: 9781780193977 List Price: $18.99
Ready for Takeoff? : The Potential for Low-Cost Carriers in Developing Countries by Weisskopf, Nora, Schlumberg... ISBN: 9781464802829
Inside a Formula 1 Car by MacArthur, Collin ISBN: 9781627130349
Railways and International Politics : Paths of Empire, 1848-1945 by Otte, T. G., Neilson, Keith ISBN: 9780415651318
Transport, Climate Change and the City by Hickman, Robin, Banister, D... ISBN: 9780415660020
Freight Car Rosters 1 by Casdorph, David ISBN: 9781936829378 List Price: $39.95
Development of Transportation in Modern England 2 Part Set by Jackman, W. t. ISBN: 9781107692206 List Price: $41.99
Inside a Stock Car by Phillips, Hamilton ISBN: 9781627130400
Inside a Sprint Car by Phillips, Hamilton ISBN: 9781627130523
Pilot's Manual : Multi-Engine Flying by Dusenbury, Mark, Daku, Shay... ISBN: 9781619542662
CIA UFO Papers : 50 Years of Government Secrets and Cover-Ups by Wright, Dan, Harzan, Jan ISBN: 9781590033029
Buzz Aldrin on Mars : Making a Home on the Red Planet by Aldrin, Buzz, Dyson, Marian... ISBN: 9781426322068
Beebe and Clegg : Their Enduring Photographic Legacy by Gruber, John, Ryan, John, P... ISBN: 9780692168110 List Price: $65.00
H-Point 2nd Edition by Macey, Stuart ISBN: 9781624650192
Bosch Automotive Handbook by Robert Bosch GmbH ISBN: 9780837617329 List Price: $69.95
Transportation Planning Handbook by ITE, Meyer, Michael D. ISBN: 9781118762356 List Price: $150.00
International Scout Encyclopedia by Allen, Jim, Glancy, John, K... ISBN: 9781937747510 List Price: $75.00
Aviation Maintenance Technician - General by Crane, Dale, Fortier, Sean,... ISBN: 9781619545175
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