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We offer well over a hundred text books for college students wanting to learn more about TV and video and how technology and engineering factors into this area. Now you can buy television and video textbooks online from our marketplace and be assured of the cheapest deals you will find anywhere today. Look among the titles available, including Writing for Television, Radio and New Media; Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet and Beyond: An Introduction to Modern Electronic Media, and Modern Cable Television Technology: Video, Voice and Data Communications. There is a whole plethora of great titles available here and they all offer discounted prices. Affordable and pre-owned text books of all kinds will help you succeed in your college studies and beyond. It's also worth remembering you can sell your television and video books back if you wish - it provides you with a chance to make some cash back on some great books.

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High-Voltage Components for Television-Type Appliances, UL 1413 by Unknown ISBN: 9781559896948 List Price: $95.00
Standard for Commercial Closed Circuit Television Equipment, UL 2044 by Unknown ISBN: 9781559893473 List Price: $135.00
Interactive Video Course for the SAT, 1990 by Rind, Bruce ISBN: 9781563210419 List Price: $220.00
Interactive Video Course for the SAT, 1990 by Rind, Bruce ISBN: 9781563210440 List Price: $125.00
Interactive Video Course for the SAT, 1990 by Rind, Bruce ISBN: 9781563210457 List Price: $20.00
Interactive Video Course for the SAT, 1990 by Rind, Bruce ISBN: 9781563210433 List Price: $200.00
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Video: (but Nobody Had the Answers) by Johnston, John P., Baltrush... ISBN: 9781877725005 List Price: $12.95
How Video Works by Weynand, Diana, Weise, Marcus ISBN: 9781138786011
Companion to Television by Wasko, Janet ISBN: 9780470997130 List Price: $218.95
Satellite TV Answer Book by Long, Mark A. ISBN: 9780685326404
Video Camera Techniques by Millerson, Gerald ISBN: 9781138130920 List Price: $165.00
Video Field Production and Editing by Compesi, Ronald J. ISBN: 9781138419339 List Price: $195.00
Color Correction for Video : Using Desktop Tools to Perfect Your Image by Hullfish, Steve, Fowler, Jaime ISBN: 9781138459809 List Price: $195.00
Motion Graphic Design : Applied History and Aesthetics by Krasner, Jon S. ISBN: 9781138452985 List Price: $195.00
Digital Techniques in Broadcasting Transmission by Blair, Robin ISBN: 9781138412590 List Price: $195.00
Avid Xpress Pro and DV on the Spot : Time Saving Tips and Shortcuts from the Pros by Hullfish, Steve, Phrommayon... ISBN: 9781138419513 List Price: $195.00
Broadcast Graphics on the Spot : Timesaving Techniques Using Photoshop and after Effects for... by Harrington, Richard ISBN: 9781138425866 List Price: $195.00
Fix It in Post : Solutions for Post Production Problems by James, Jack ISBN: 9781138459793 List Price: $195.00
Compositing Visual Effects : Essentials for the Aspiring Artist by Wright, Steve ISBN: 9781138474246 List Price: $195.00
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