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We offer well over a hundred text books for college students wanting to learn more about TV and video and how technology and engineering factors into this area. Now you can buy television and video textbooks online from our marketplace and be assured of the cheapest deals you will find anywhere today. Look among the titles available, including Writing for Television, Radio and New Media; Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet and Beyond: An Introduction to Modern Electronic Media, and Modern Cable Television Technology: Video, Voice and Data Communications. There is a whole plethora of great titles available here and they all offer discounted prices. Affordable and pre-owned text books of all kinds will help you succeed in your college studies and beyond. It's also worth remembering you can sell your television and video books back if you wish - it provides you with a chance to make some cash back on some great books.

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Video Engineering by Luther, Arch C., Inglis, An... ISBN: 9780071350174 List Price: $75.00
Video Engineering by Inglis, Andrew F., Luther, ... ISBN: 9780070317918 List Price: $60.00
Telecommunications Management: Broadcasting Cable and the New Technologies by Sherman, Barry L. ISBN: 9780070566989 List Price: $102.60
Broadcasting/Cable and Beyond An Introduction to Modern Electronic Media by Dominick, Joseph R. ISBN: 9780070175471 List Price: $58.25
Mutant Media: Essays on Cinema, Video Art and New Media by Conomos, John ISBN: 9781920781323 List Price: $33.90
Digital Video in the PC Environment: Featuring DVI Technology by Luther, Arch C. ISBN: 9780070391765 List Price: $42.95
Still Life in Real Time Theory After Television by Dienst, Richard ISBN: 9780822314516 List Price: $79.95
Broadcasting/cable+beyond by Dominick, Joseph R., Sherma... ISBN: 9780070179882 List Price: $52.25
Mature Audiences Television in the Lives of Elders by Riggs, Karen E. ISBN: 9780813525402 List Price: $22.95
Complete Rf Technician's Handbook by Sayre, Cotter W. ISBN: 9780790610856 List Price: $24.95
Interactive Videodisc and the Teaching-Learning Process by Beardslee, Edward C., Davis... ISBN: 9780873672948 List Price: $3.00
Writing for Television, Radio, and New Media by Hilliard, Robert L. ISBN: 9780534616953 List Price: $71.95
Policing, Surveillance and Social Control by Newburn, Tim, Hayman, Steph... ISBN: 9780415627849
Bctv Bibliography on Cable Television, 1985 by Communications Library Staff ISBN: 9780934339100 List Price: $40.00
Cable Television Technology and Operations Hdtv and Ntsc Systems by Bartlett, Eugene R ISBN: 9780070039575 List Price: $65.00
High Density Magnetic Recording for Home VTR by Ozawa, K. A. ISBN: 9782881248870 List Price: $75.95
TV LIGHTING METHODS 2ED by Millerson, Gerald ISBN: 9780240511818 List Price: $19.95
New Television Technologies by Gross, Lynne Schafer S. ISBN: 9780697004802 List Price: $14.00
Picture This Diversity In Film And Television by Mediascope ISBN: 9780205343447 List Price: $33.33
Dancing in the Distraction Factory by Goodwin, Andrew ISBN: 9780816620623 List Price: $47.95
Complete Guide to Modern VCR Troubleshooting and Repair by Lenk, John D. ISBN: 9780131603592 List Price: $73.00
Real World after Effects by Reinfeld, Eric, London, She... ISBN: 9780201696196
Digital Video Editing Module Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9780866576093
Digital Video Editing Instructors Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9780866576086
Videodisc Training: A Cost Analysis : A Guide and Workbook for Choosing your Courseware Deli... by Brandt, Richard H., Brandt,... ISBN: 9780938907077 List Price: $49.95
Final Cut Pro 3 for Dummies-apdf by Kobler ISBN: 9780764518287 List Price: $24.99
Social and Cultural Aspects of Vcr Use by Dobrow, Julia ISBN: 9780805804997 List Price: $65.00
Security Closed Circuit Television Handbook Applications and Technical by Kyle, Thomas G., Aldridge, ... ISBN: 9780398058050 List Price: $46.95
Bctv Bibliography on Cable Television, 1986 by Communications Library Staff ISBN: 9780934339124 List Price: $40.00
Bctv Bibliography on Cable Television 1994 by Communications Library Staf... ISBN: 9780934339209 List Price: $40.00
Bctv Bibliography on Cable Television 1975-1986 by Communications Library Staff ISBN: 9780934339117 List Price: $420.00
Agewise A Case Study of a Public Access Cable Television Program by Taylor, Tom T., III, McCros... ISBN: 9780962271038 List Price: $10.00
Television Picture Tubes and Other Cathode-Ray Tubes Industry and Trade Summary by Kitzmiller, John ISBN: 9780788121005 List Price: $20.00
Satellite Television Reception: A Personal User's Guide - Joel Goldberg - Hardcover by Goldberg, Joel ISBN: 9780137912513 List Price: $23.25
Career Opportunities in TV, Cable, and Video - Maxine K. Reed - Paperback - REV by Reed, Maxine K., Reed, Robe... ISBN: 9780816015344 List Price: $12.95
Troubleshooting and Repairing Color Television Systems by Goodman, Robert L. ISBN: 9780070245693
Complete Guide to Videocassette Recorder Operation and Service by Lenk, John D. ISBN: 9780131608207 List Price: $49.33
Troubleshooting and Repair Guide to T. V. - H. Sams - Paperback by Sams, Howard W., and Co. Staff ISBN: 9780790610771 List Price: $29.95
Career Opportunites in Television and Video - Maxine K. Reed - Hardcover by Reed, Maxine K., Reed, Robe... ISBN: 9780871966131 List Price: $19.95
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